Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A {very} SWEET SOIREE...at twilight

More on this project later...but it is our old mirror from our main bathroom that was headed for Goodwill. I turned it around and it is now my menu/MESSAGE chalkboard for outside...perfect for summer entertaining. I am making a border for it out of leftover cedar beadboard...can't wait!

Summer Buffet: A.K.A. our Frugal Find...$10.00 vintage childrens chest of drawers from the side of the road!!! Literally!

Things have been crazy busy around here...home improvements, celebrations, shopping for college, getting Caleb ready for camping and a retreat, meetings with friends, etc. I am sure you are all in the same boat.

Tonight was Poppi's birthday celebration. VERY FUN! We have been planning it for a week...to make sure everybody was able to make it {we will excuse Caleb for being a bit late...at least he made it in time for dessert...he IS his momma's child!!!}

I am not sure what it is about eating dessert on the deck at twilight...but I think it is completely indulgent and a bit "magical" even though I do not believe in magic! It was lovely listening to the water fountain gurgle in the background...and the bees had tucked their little selves in for the night...which was AWESOME!

By about noon today, I wasn't sure if it was going to come together...but it did! Between nailing boards to the ceiling, going through stacks of beadboard with my running shorts, cami, an apron, flip flops, one pearl earring {got a phone call and forgot to put the other one in!} bubble gum pink garden gloves and a pony tail...making a cake, doing laundry {because I had better things to do yesterday} and making piles to take to Goodwill...it was a full day, but a great day.

All this to say, I think you all need to have a SWEET SOIREE at TWILIGHT...on your deck, front porch or at a park. You will Love it!

Do you have a very favorite Frugal Find or a favorite cake to make for a SWEET SOIREE?

Carrot Pumpkin Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting
Ice Cream

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  1. Very beautiful. I am a bit jealous that I can't be one of those friends that you get together with since I am so far away. Memories will have to do.

  2. Love the chest on the porch. Looks lovely. Do you share your cake and icing recipe? Sounds wonderful. Send it by email if you do. Thanks!

    Judy :)

  3. Hi Lisa! I had my little girl's Sweet Pea birthday party and I blogged about it and referenced your blog! Thought I would let you know! Hope you're doing wonderfully! Take care! :)


  4. Wow! I LOVE your thrifty find and this blog! How cute and vintage is this? Literally can not believe you bought it for $10!

  5. Love your blog... and your music is awesome!! We have the same taste!

  6. I love this idea, too! I sure wish you were my next door neighbor (you'd see me half-assembled most days, too)
    I have one complaint about this post: not enough pictures ;)
    HUGS and blessings!
    P.S. My daughters ask me if I'm okay if I have both earrings on.