Monday, August 20, 2012

Quick Chicken and Olive Pasta Salad

OH.MY.GOODNESS!  What an incredible couple of weeks it has been!

Our days have been filled with lots of time with family, friends, a WEDDING, an anniversary trip to the beach {Hubby and I celebrated 22 years of marriage the day after the wedding!!} and lots of after-wedding clean up.

Last week, hubby asked me out on a date to the river.  After all these years of wedded bliss, I have learned to {almost} ALWAYS.ALWAYS say "yes" to a date!  Housework and other duties can wait.  Trust me, laundry, dishes, and leftover wedding decorations that seem to be screaming for your attention will still be waiting for your return!

I had not cooked in over a week and had not gone grocery shopping.
I needed something fast to take for our picnic on the, I threw this little ditty together in no time.  Since I had everything on hand. Thank you, Trader Joe's for the idea!

Thank you, twinsie for the butter-yellow measuring cups...and Kristen for the lavender!!

Chicken and Olive Pasta Salad
Trader Joe's Sampling Station

1 package FUSILLI pasta

1 jar of green olives

1 can of white chicken


Lemon Pepper to taste


*Boil pasta according to package directions.

*Rinse with cold water until noodles are cool.

*Place noodles in a large bowl.

*Add jar of green olives and all of the juice...and since we are cutting down on extra calories around here when we can...the juice allows moisture without the extra mayonnaise.  :}

*Add chicken, mayonnaise and sprinkle with Lemon Pepper to your liking.

That is it.  No muss.  No fuss and plenty o' time to play the afternoon away.

This and That...

Trip to the beach:  SO VERY BEAUTIFUL!

Coming home to leftover wedding flowers...filling me with so much joy of the special day so many shared with our family!

The perfect place to spend the day when the temp is over 100*!!

A new friend!

Wishing our Caleb would have been able to join us on our date!  He would have LOVED it!

So...the next time you are asked out on a date, you need to abandon ship, get wet and have fun!

Thank you, honey for the field trip "adventure" day...and thank you, Dwight for sharing your part of heaven on earth and your delightful dahlias.

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  1. Hi Lisa, Great advice about dating our hubbies! What a special couple you are... and a great example for your children! I hope you share wedding photos!
    Great dish~ one I will love to try!!!
    Hope you will join ON THE MENU MONDAY with this great recipe!!!

  2. Your recipe looks great. I am thrilled with your adventure day. We all need to connect when and as we can-and it is so important to take the time to do just that- xo Diana

  3. Looks so yummy! Glad you've had a very special couple of weeks!

  4. Love the pictures! I would love a date like that, the beach is one of my most favorite places to go. So great you were able to forget the chores and get outside!
    I really like pasta dishes but do not like olives...otherwise your dish sounds good ;-)
    Blessings! xx

  5. Love your recipe for chicken and olive pasta salad! It looks very delicious!

    Stopping by your blog from On the Menu Monday (I posted #55 Pizza Sauce).

    Pinned and Tweeted!

    Amber @ The Cook's Sister