Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anniversary Picnic with Vintage Home Designs

Such patient girlies you all are...well, some of YOU, anyway! Maybe I will take pictures of wrapped gifts more often just to keep you guessing and on your toes, but I know that a few of you peeked...because you told me. Anyhoo, for the rest of you who love surprises...

TODAY is our 21st wedding anniversary and my hubby gave me the most beautiful handmade bread boards ever...

Aren't they adorable? They were packaged in burlap and tied with jute. They come in a set of four different styles and sizes.

My sweet friend, Diana from Vintage Home Designs makes every one of these mini bread boards by hand. Not only do I love her blog, but I love how she and her hubby enjoy life together! They have fun and live a simple life...and her love is a firefighter, too! I know her blog will soon be among your favorites as well! Thank you, Diana for my treasured anniversary gift!

As soon as I opened them and smelled the fresh wood, I knew since it was my year to plan our anniversary, I was going to pack a picnic and the bread boards would serve as plates. They were perfect!

Anniversary Picnic Menu:

Anniversary Champagne

BBQ Shrimp Baguettes

Our very favorite KETTLE CHIPS

Orange Infused Nectarines with Fresh Blueberries from our Neighbors

Champagne Frosted Cupcakes

{BTW, thanks to this, the cupcakes arrived in tact!}

Picnic Details:

The blanket we used was an engagement gift from hubby. He bought it for me along with the salt and pepper shakers while he was on a missions trip to Portugal. It is still so special and he still is so touched that we use it...even on the GRASS!

The sandwiches were wrapped in white recycled parchment paper from the shrimp purchased at the deli...then placed in a brown sandwich bag to keep it cool.

Decorations were kept simple: I used a paper bag to punch out tags for our food and also for the banner I made which was his card!

The napkins were wrapped with recycled jute from the gift-wrapped bread boards

The burlap that the bread boards were wrapped in served as a liner for our picnic basket and was used as a runner. My hubby loved it!

I packed a canning jar our candle, bur since it was breezy on the hill, we popped it into a champagne flute and shared a glass, which was by far more romantic!

Before we were married, he was working at a camp. He would send me a letter almost every day and it said: To the future Mrs. Pearson...I loved seeing my new last name! So, instead of anything else, the banner had to be PEARSON!

MUSIC...we love music. Very seldom do we NOT have music on in our home. SO, thanks to Pandora, we had lovely music for the evening.

ANNNND even though we did not meet in Paris, we had the most fun sitting on Chapman Hill taking in the fresh air, sounds and sights. We laughed and talked and dreamed about the future while looking at the Montgomery Park sign! "Our Spot" holds so many fun memories with promise of many more memories to grand babies rolling down the hill while watching the vaux's swifts fly over head!

ANNNNND aside from our "Come to Jesus Meetin' " with our children it was a wonderful day. They blessed us with a gift certificate to GUSTAVS! ALL on their own. We were overwhelmed!

ANNNNNND...after we picked up from our picnic, we took a stroll around the neighborhoods and went house paint shopping and met the.nicest.people!

A special night with the love of my life!

I LOVE YOU, 2, Mr.Pearson

Thank you for choosing me to be your Mrs. Pearson!

Happy Happy August 11th to YOU!

PS. Have any of you made your candle light dinner, yet? Just checking!

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  1. How sweet! Happy Anniversary!

    (I love Diana's blog too, thanks for sharing).

  2. Happy Anniversary Lisa and hubby! I'm so honored that you used by bread boards and the materials for your special picnic! I'm so glad you love them. Thank you so much for your kindness! Love to you both!

  3. I have been following your blog for awhile, and I just had to come out of lurkdom to tell you how much I love it! Your pictures are gorgeous, and I love all the little details you add to make every day and every occasion special. You inspire me to enjoy the moments in every day, and to make gifts etc. special for others. Appreciate you sharing your gifts and talents...God Bless ~ Happy Anniversary too!

  4. Allison...thank you. I love sharing my friends!

  5. Diana...thank you! How long do we have to wait to see what is NEW in your little shop?

  6. Kathy...I am so happy you decided to come outta lurkdom to say hi! Thank you for all the sweet words and for the anniversary wish. I love to write and I am shocked at how you all enjoy reading about our family and all of this and that with everything in between! Love to you!

  7. Have a wonderful Anniversary and this was such a beautiful post.

  8. Congratulations to you and your hubby! I hope you have a whole lot more anniversaries! Your picnic is precious and beautiful- xo Diana

  9. this is an absolutely precious picnic. i love to see that you both still put so much time and thought and love into celebrating your marriage!

  10. Congratulations to you two! My husband & I, here in NC will celebrate our 28th anniversary tomorrow, 8/13, annndd he is a retired Fire Captain! We have 2 wonderful children, 25 & 22, 2 dogs & 3 horses. We have been very blessed over the years, especially this year. My love was in a bad car accident in Jan.(33 days in the hospital); however God had other plans & has healed him to 90% recovery! :) Your picnic sounded lovely & was beautiful! Congrats! Cindy Lynn

  11. Thank you, friends.
    Cindy Lynn...sounds like both you and Donnie have had hubbies who have survived major accidents. How wonderful that God provided healing to them! 90% is miraculous!

  12. How beautiful and precious! You're making such wonderful memories to treasure over the next 50+ years! Thanks so much for sharing all the special amaze me at your creativity.

    I have one of Diana's bread boards ~ now I want the set of 4! Isn't she talented?


  13. Love this...Happy Anniversary sweet friend!!!