Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sweets to the Sweet

Every time I walk into Cash and Carry...I feel like I am in Candyland. I have no idea how many gift certificates I have received over the years to Cash and Carry, but I think it would be safe to say I like them even better than TARGET and Starbucks!

Last week I was perusing the aisles and found mini food trays! HOW sweet! My mind has already gone crazy. I would say I am in another "packaging frenzy" mood. Restaurant supply stores are the best! I am sure they have no idea how great their products are for everybody else!

So here is a cute Valentine's idea for all the sweethearts in your life!


  1. They are a cute way to wrap something up for the neighbors or such. Good idea.

  2. Thank you, Donnie! I wrapped cellophane wrap around them...but took it off because of the reflection. This also helps keep the muffins from drying out. :}