Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sweet Treat Saturday {Linky Party}

It is Sweet Treat Saturday! What floats your boat on a Saturday? If you live in the Northwest, you are probably thinking you would like to row your boat to somewhere sunny and dry!

This morning I made mini donuts! They are so yummy and good for you! They are baked! I will post the details later, but for now you can take a peek!

What is it that makes your Saturday a sweet treat? Is it sleeping in? Sittin' around in your jammies, a long hot bath, maybe it's a project? Shopping? Can't wait to hear what you all enjoy doing!

Happy Sweet Treat Saturday!


  1. That looks like a yummy sweet treat and it's baked. Happy Pink Saturday.

  2. MAN!! I always miss these little parties (C: Can't wait for the donut details, and I agree...I"d like to "row" somewhere else!!! We had to drive to Portland today for a futsal game and boy were the rivers high!

  3. Lisa, I'm a huge fan of mini donuts too, and absolutely love your pink icing, white non pareils, and the fact that you put them on a stick! Perfection!

    I typed out a reply to your kind comment on my granola post, but realized, before hitting "send" that it was a "no-reply" message. Rather than toss the message, I figured I copy it and paste it here, since I was visiting anyway to link-up and enjoy your blog!

    Here's my reply:

    Thank you Lisa! I would absolutely love to link up to your Sweet Treat party. I’m on my way…

    Yes, I love packaging things in those empty paint cans! Such a great, fun way to put a spin on packaging. My favorite creation was a slumber-party-in-a-can kit that I did for my daughter’s birthday a few years ago. It had a pair of slippers, a stuffed animal, nail polish, a bag of snacks, a pad of Mad Libs, and a fun pen (one of the larger sized cans, of course).

    I’d love to hear about the creative things you’ve done with the paint cans. So fun swapping inspirations!


  4. Will you be posting your recipe for the icing? I make a chocolate icing, but haven't found or created the perfect mini donut tinted icing yet. Yours looks perfect!