Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Little Birdie Snacks

Hope you are all settling into the New Year.

I feel bad for the little birdies all year long...but especially when it is soooo cold outside.

When our children were younger, it was a great way of letting them know how God takes care of even the birds. They loved feeding the ducks and BIRDS!

Today, I used an old cookie cutter and brushed plain ole Elmers glue on it...and then poured bird seed on to coat. You may want to do small patches at a time so that you don't make as much as a mess as I did. It would also be a good idea to let it dry a bit in between coats of glue and bird seed.

Anyway, I think the little birdies are going to enjoy their little Valentines day snack...I hope they appreciate the baker's twine, too! I know we will....because their treat is hanging from a tree right outside our bedroom window.

Happy Tuesday!

And don't you just love my little dappled doggie? She found her OUTSIDE ball while we were hanging her gift to the birds!!!! I must love her because I let her bring that nasty thing into our house!


  1. I need to find some more bird seed. I got a feeder from Tod for my birthday and I am loving watching them out the back door window. Poor cold little things! xoxo

  2. Is it ok if the birds eat the glue????

    And NO, I don't love your little dappled doggie. :) (It's ok, I know she doesn't like me either!!!!!!!!!!!!) But....I love you, Bunny!!!

  3. Bunny foo foo...aka Suzy Q. I think it is okay for the birdies...it is non toxic and we did it all the time as preschool projects, you could always make a flour/water paste, too. :}

  4. I always worry about the birds that live in the bush next to our house too. Don't they get cold? This is a cute idea to feed them!

    You could also use peanut butter instead of glue if you aren't sure about them eating it.

  5. I think this is a great idea and my boys would love it! The baker's twine is a nice touch;)