Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The good.the bad.and the ugly.{Remodel day 1}

The GOOD: My son is in our big.old.bed taking a nap before youth group. That boy never ever ever ever takes a nap. He is always on the go. It is the sweetest thing ever to see him all snuggled up in the middle of the day! Maybe he is growing again?! We are going to have a hard time finding shoes that fit, soon! I thought size 13 was HUGE!

The BAD: I miss Lauriss. Was so nice having her home! Can a Momma ever get used to one of the little birds leaving the nest? I miss the constant teasing and ditzy moments we share!!

The Ugly: The ugly shower is out and the master bathroom is nasty right now, but it will be beau.T.full soon...I can't wait!! A wall will be gone, studs will be gone, new flooring will be in, cabinets, ceilings, and a window will be in...that is all very.very.good! How could I forget? A new tub. Never had one in our bathroom before...{my hubby thinks it will be done by next Friday! He is an eternal optimist!}

So, do you want me to bore you with our remodel updates or should we move on to bigger and better Valentine's???

I am posting this under simply frugal...because we are trying to be as frugal as possible...doing it ourselves and of course...Scott's Dad. Poppi named himself as our contractor today. I am not arguing with him. If he wants the title {my hubby had given me the position :) }he is welcome to it.

This is also listed under Home Is...because although we all enjoy a home without major projects going on, it is part of life. Hopefully, we will all make more memories and learn to work together as a team~

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