Monday, January 31, 2011

Berry Yogurt Parfaits {make ahead}

Happy {Mundane} Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. My batteries have been fully charged and I am ready to tackle laundry, get the sheets changed for clean sheet Monday, get letters mailed, get the last piles ready to go to the thrift store, and make a nice dinner. I am in MAJOR nesting nobody's business! Anybody else nesting away?

Thank you to ALL of you who linked up to the LINKY PARTY on Saturday. I just took a peek at them. My hubby is going to pick one to feature. I would pick them ALL!

The weekend at the coast was so much fun...twinsie did NOT disappoint. As usual, we talked so much...and she still called me at 6:59 this am to remind me of the time we had together. Gotta love my twinsie!

To make Mundane Monday marvelous...I made a yogurt parfait for breakfast. {I had leftovers from the weekend} I love yogurt and it is so healthy for you, too. It is especially good for you if you buy the kind with probiotics.

If you are planning a brunch anytime soon, you may want to consider making yogurt parfaits. Not only are they adorable and sweet, but best of all, they can be made ahead of time. I am not sure about you, but if there is something that can be done early on, I will do it. You will be much more relaxed and the little details can be done without the stress.

Directions for Berry Yogurt Parfaits:

Put flavored or plain yogurt into bottom of to-go-cup. {I buy yogurt without the gelatin and the junk}

Put a spoonfull of fresh berries with their juice on top of yogurt

Put a spoon through the hole on the to-go-lid

Put a tag on and tie a bow. Place parfaits in the refrigerator up to 24 hours ahead of time.

Serve with Oma's Granola {recipe coming soon} packaged in clear bags.


To-go-cups...Cash and Carry
Twine...Crate and Barrel

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Sweet Treat Saturday {Linky Party #4}

What are your plans for Saturday? Are you waking up early to meet a friend for coffee? Do you like to sleep in and stay in your jammies for the day? Has the "almost spring" bug bit you?

This Saturday will be extra sweet in my book...because I get to see my twinsie and momma all WEEKEND long. My twinsie and I get to talk non-stop from Friday afternoon until late Sunday morning. We get to snuggle in the same bed, and she packs all of the "stuff" like shampoos, blow dryers, moisurizes,etc. which is awesome. She always thinks of everything. It used to annoy me that she packed so much, but now it is just sheer bliss. I take a little bag and she takes everything including the kitchen sink.

We get to cook together, listen to our favorite music, get caught up on things we have planned to do together...and since her hubby is a cop and mine is a firefighter for the same city...well...there is just all of THAT to chat about, too. We will be chatting about homeschooling, college life, the Army and the Marines...movies we would like to see...antiques, dishes, all things European...and on and on and on.

So, it is your turn to link up to whatever it is that makes Saturday a Sweet Treat for you.

************This week I will pick one and feature it!!!******************************

Happy Happy Friday!

Linky Party Etiquette:

Please link your post's URL to the party

Please copy my donut button to the bottom of your post

Pretty please visit one person's entry and leave a comment

THANK YOU! I had so much fun getting ideas last week.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sweets to the Sweet

Every time I walk into Cash and Carry...I feel like I am in Candyland. I have no idea how many gift certificates I have received over the years to Cash and Carry, but I think it would be safe to say I like them even better than TARGET and Starbucks!

Last week I was perusing the aisles and found mini food trays! HOW sweet! My mind has already gone crazy. I would say I am in another "packaging frenzy" mood. Restaurant supply stores are the best! I am sure they have no idea how great their products are for everybody else!

So here is a cute Valentine's idea for all the sweethearts in your life!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Praying for Joanne

Since I just recently heard about Joanne and have been praying for this 38-year-old wife to Toben and mommy to Audrey and Emma...I wanted to get to know her a bit better...via her blog, of course.

WOW! My heart has been overwhelmed by reading just a few of her blog entries from before she suffered a major stroke.

Joanne has been married for half her life. She was nineteen when she got married and just recently celebrated her 19th wedding anniversary. The more I read, the more I have been drawn to her...because it seems we have quite a bit in common!

As I was reading a few days ago, I was struck by her memorization of Scripture. She and her two adorable girlies had memorized Psalm 91. They taped themselves reciting it with their little 3x5 cards in hand in case they got stuck...I guess. It brought back memories of the summer our family memorized Psalm 91 when we were young. How good it is to have those words of comfort written in our hearts. As I prayed for Joanne after watching the clip, I could not help but to think that even in her state of being sedated that those very words she memorized with her daughters and the lessons they talked about are going to be words she can now cling to for hope! And what an amazing part of Scripture for those girlies to be able to have memorized in light of what they are having to face without their mom to comfort them!

Today, I pray that Joanne is feeling the shelter of her Most High...that even though today has brought discomfort, that somehow she is finding rest in the shadow of the under His wings. That paints a blissful picture in my mind!

Please join our family in praying for Joanne and for her sweet family!

Her adoring hubby is doing a great job of posting on her blog if you want to keep up with her already amazing recovery! God is GOOD!

Joanne made these little bird ornaments at Christmas, so I thought I would make one to remind us to pray for her!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ice Cubes and the Sick Tray

There will not be a f o o d post for awhile here. I think I got some nasty food poisonig and it has been just dandy! {bathroom remodel pictures will have to do! :)}

My sweet hubby called to have Rissa come home and help as he went to work today, and although I assured him I was fine, I am thankful I had both kiddies home today.

As I was laying around {between trips to the bathroom...perfect timing with having one toilet, by the way!} I had hours and hours to think while chomping on ice cubes.

This was the main thing today. When we are taking care of our little ones when they are honestly is a priviledge and a big deal. A VERY.BIG.DEAL. If we, as parents, are not teaching them compassion, where in the world are they going to learn it from?

As Caleb walked down the hallway, he started to come in the bedroom, turned around and opened a few doors {I am always re-organizing!} he then walked in with our SICK TRAY we have had since the children were LITTLE. He placed it over my legs, secured it, and asked me if there was anything else I needed. I just needed a big.old. BOUNTY paper towel to cry in.

Here is a 16 year-old boy taking care of his Momma...just the way I took care of him. As I took one bite and was done, I was so thankful that my Momma took time to nurse and nurture us...and that we were able to pass that down to our littles, because, those babes are now learning to take care of us.

As Rissa left to go back to college tonight, I overheard them talking about about me. Making sure all bases were covered for tonight. Again, not really a big deal, but a huge deal to me.

I know some people will disagree and may think that it is ridiculous to make light of scuffed knees, ouwies and sore throats, but I can't tell you how nice it was to be able to have the tables turned today. If for no other reason those hours and hours of "babying the babes" was worth the day I had today with my little boiled egg in a pretty little dish on the cheery yellow tray!

So, if you are nursing a sick child, or are having to get up in the middle of the night to wash sheets, bathe a babe, or help bring a fever IS worth it. Every single exhausting second is one more opportunity to teach your child the worth of compassion.

P.S. If you don't have a sick tray, you need one. Thrift stores, garage sales, cash and carry etc. have them all of the time. Anything little will work just fine.
Have a happy Monday!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sweet Treat Saturday {Linky Party}

Oh how the week has flown by! I can't believe it is already Friday.

What do you enjoy doing on a Saturday? Is there anything you love to do that makes your Saturday extra sweet?

I would love to hear what you sets your Saturday extra special. Just so you know, I might be jealous if you enjoy doing laundry on a Saturday.

Please add my new button {thank you, honey!} to your post and link directly to your post's URL.

You all know the rest of the "rules", right?

I am still new at hosting these linky dinky thingys so please be patient! Just so you know...Sweet Treat Saturdays will be on my blog every weekend from here on out...unless I am having techy problems or have forgotten!


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grammy's Valentine Biscuits

Grammy’s Valentine Biscuits
From Grammy’s vintage Betty Crocker Cook Book

Nothing beats a plain old cook book with plain old recipes that are guaranteed to turn out. Nothing fancy schmanzy here…just basic staples.

Be sure to preheat your oven to 450*. It needs to be nice and toasty!


2 cups flour

3 tsp. baking powder

1 tsp. salt

¼ cup butter

¾ cup milk…the higher the fat content the better!


*Stir together dry ingredients. Cut in the butter {If you have a stand mixer, just use the flat beater}

*Add in milk and mix until dough is soft

*Roll out into circle about ½ inch thick

*Use a medium size heart cookie cutter to cut out biscuits. I got about 16.

*Place on baking sheet and bake @450 for about 10 minutes or until golden.

*Must serve with jam and cream...because they are

Bathroom update for those of you who want the scoop:

Now the ceiling is gone...II can see the roof top...some of the floor is out, so I feel like I am using a real live OUTHOUSE! Except for the fact that there is actually daylight coming up from the floor...creepy.

Last night my hubby was gone and I totally felt like I was spending the night in a cementary. It was freezing. I could smell the "attic smell" along with the "under the house" smell. Finally, I took a big ole towel and rolled ui up along the bottom of the door. Even our little dappled doggie is disturbed. :} She was digging on and off for a couple of our bed. LOVELY! ALL That, and hot flashes made for quite the night.

I think my hubby is going to get the insulation, fan, and sheetrock up today. The window is on
maybe a better night's sleep will be happening tonight! :}

Happy Tuesday.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baked Donuts...and donut lollipops

I love a leisurely day of baking! Not baking because we need bread or granola for breakfast, but baking out of sheer pleasure. No rush!

This Saturday, I was craving donuts for breakfast! Well, we had them for lunch, but...who keeps track on lazy, rainy Saturdays anyway? Not me!


Baked Donuts

recipe from pan packaging


1 1/4 cups cake flour

1/2 cup sugar

1 1/4 tsp. baking powder {aluminum free}

1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg {fresh ground is BEST!}

3/4 tsp. salt

1/2 cup buttermilk

1 egg, lightly beaten

1 1/2 Tbsp. butter, melted


Preheat oven to 425*.

Mix dry ingredients together.

Add wet ingredients.

Stir until combined.

Grease mini donut pan.

Fill donut cup about half full.

Bake about 4 minutes.

Let cool a bit.

Top with favorite glaze and don't forget the SPRINKLES!

My favorite donut glaze:

1 cup powdered sugar
1 tsp. pure vanilla extract
2 Tbsp. milk
1/8 tsp. oil

Mix all together until drizzly. Dip donuts in glaze and sprinkle immediately with sprinkles, or the pretties wont stick...and then, they just wont be as cute.

The other recipe I use is my donut muffin one. Just take out the pumpkin and add in butter.

I put some on lollipop sticks...I think they would make great baby shower favors!

Have a Happy Monday!

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sweet Treat Saturday {Linky Party}

It is Sweet Treat Saturday! What floats your boat on a Saturday? If you live in the Northwest, you are probably thinking you would like to row your boat to somewhere sunny and dry!

This morning I made mini donuts! They are so yummy and good for you! They are baked! I will post the details later, but for now you can take a peek!

What is it that makes your Saturday a sweet treat? Is it sleeping in? Sittin' around in your jammies, a long hot bath, maybe it's a project? Shopping? Can't wait to hear what you all enjoy doing!

Happy Sweet Treat Saturday!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wall be Gone {Remodel day 2}

{Total cost so far...$62.00...$42.00 for waterproof sheetrock and $20.00 to Caleb for his happy attitude in offering his help with demo!}

In talking with my other bestie{Carolyn} last night...a bathroom remodel seems so insignificant in the midst of what all is going on in the lives of so many right now.

Several friends are facing cancer as I type and my hubby and brother-in-law are attending the funeral of the Chief of Police in Rainier as he was shot this last week. My heart just breaks! I know that we can't live a life consumed by fear, nor can we live in a state of focusing on all of the horrible things that seem to be happening around us.

How good is it to know that we are not without HOPE! And that God is able to give peace!

"The Lord is good to those whose hope is in Him, to the one who seeks Him." Lamentations 3:25

So, let's just remember as we bake yummy foods, have fun with our family and friends, work on remodels, play games with our children...not to be so consumed with what we have going on in our own lives that we are not able to take time to comfort those around us...

"Comfort, comfort my people, says your God." Isaiah 40:1

Have a blessed weekend!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The good.the bad.and the ugly.{Remodel day 1}

The GOOD: My son is in our big.old.bed taking a nap before youth group. That boy never ever ever ever takes a nap. He is always on the go. It is the sweetest thing ever to see him all snuggled up in the middle of the day! Maybe he is growing again?! We are going to have a hard time finding shoes that fit, soon! I thought size 13 was HUGE!

The BAD: I miss Lauriss. Was so nice having her home! Can a Momma ever get used to one of the little birds leaving the nest? I miss the constant teasing and ditzy moments we share!!

The Ugly: The ugly shower is out and the master bathroom is nasty right now, but it will be beau.T.full soon...I can't wait!! A wall will be gone, studs will be gone, new flooring will be in, cabinets, ceilings, and a window will be in...that is all very.very.good! How could I forget? A new tub. Never had one in our bathroom before...{my hubby thinks it will be done by next Friday! He is an eternal optimist!}

So, do you want me to bore you with our remodel updates or should we move on to bigger and better Valentine's???

I am posting this under simply frugal...because we are trying to be as frugal as possible...doing it ourselves and of course...Scott's Dad. Poppi named himself as our contractor today. I am not arguing with him. If he wants the title {my hubby had given me the position :) }he is welcome to it.

This is also listed under Home Is...because although we all enjoy a home without major projects going on, it is part of life. Hopefully, we will all make more memories and learn to work together as a team~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"I Will BE HERE"

To the Love of my life:
As it started to snow today, it reminded me of the cold January night as we stood above the city close to the clouds as possible! You asked me to marry you. Remember? You had just asked me and it started to snow! What a perfect evening.

Still ever in love with you and with the family we have been blessed by and with, you could not have picked a more fitting song for our wedding day...even though it was uttered under your breath! Your eyes and your tight hand squeezes assured me you meant every.single.word!

You, my dear, have stood behind these words after all these years. I love you and am thankful for the flurries of snow! It reminds me of that very special night oh so long ago! Kisses and Hugs!

Thank you for being true to me,

"Your Girlfriend"

Silhouette Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to Ashley in PDX and to Meg. Please e-mail KIM, ( kim [!at] blubelstudio [dot] com ) with your e-mail info so she can design your silhouette! Thank you all for participating and thank you, KIM!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mini Creme Brulee...the Simple Way

OH.MY! Is there anybody who does NOT LOOOOVE creme brulee? I don't think I can think of anybody. Well, there is no need to go out and buy fancy schmanzy ramekins or even a little torch...if you have jars and a broiler setting on your oven, you are set!

I used straight-sided jars, but you can use baby food jars, recycled jars from artichokes etc. Why don't you go dig around in your recycle bin for jars! After all, every MUNDANE MONDAY could use a bit of excitement!

Mini Crème Brulee


1 quart heavy whipping cream {4 cups}

1 tsp. pure vanilla extract {I used 1 tsp. vanilla paste because I love the flecks of vanilla!}

1 cup sugar {divided}

6 large egg yolks


Bring whipping cream and vanilla to a boil.

Remove from heat. Strain.

In a medium bowl, mix egg yolks with ½ cup sugar.

Blend until lemony in color.

Add strained cream to egg mix a little at a time and continue stirring.

Put about ½ cup into each jar.

This makes between 8 and 10 mini crème brulees.

Place in oven proof pan and pour hot water around jars…about half way up the sides.

Bake at 325* for about 40 minutes or until crème brulee is just set. The centers will still be a bit wiggly.

Remove from oven and chill for at least 3 hours. {I made mine 2 days in advance!}

Pull out of fridge at least 15 minutes before sprinkling remaining sugar on tops.

Broil in the oven {watch out…they brown FAST!} until sugar melts and forms a crispy sugar crust!


Happy Monday!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Silhouette {Giveaway}

Good morning!

I am so excited to introduce you to one of my besties. I talk about her quite frequently on my little bloggy, but today you get to meet her!

Her name is Kim and she and I have been friends for quite awhile. Yes, she is the friend that gave my blog a beautiful makeover as well as the one who has the unbelievable gift of photography!

The first time we really talked was when we were asked to plan a baby shower for a mutual friend. We quite literally chatted for a few minutes....I gave her a few decorations to use, showed up at her home on the morning of the shower and we have been kindred spirits ever since.

Kim's talent never ceases to amaze me. When she asked my opinion on a silhouette she was working on as a Christmas gift, I literally looked at it for awhile. The detail was incredible.

She does a great job of combining her love for design and her simple signature style. I am sure you will agree that her silhouettes are beautiful and heirloom worthy.

In celebration of her new etsy shop, Kim has generously offered to give away 2 custom digital silhouettes similar to these:

Kim, thank you for being such a loyal friend. I am excited about your shop...and all the new adventures you have to look forward to in this coming year!


So, if you would like to be entered into the silhouette giveaway, please leave a comment on this post between now and 9:00 am Tuesday morning PST {1.11.11}.

The winners will be posted on Tuesday, so be sure to check back on TUESDAY!

EDIT: Two winners will be drawn. One silhouette per winner.


Happy Happy Saturday!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pots de Creme {with Trader Joe's Pudding Mix}

I feel like I have been in France for the day...surrounded by sweet confections, Creme Brulee and Pots de Creme.

Getting ready for parties is the best...the day all the plans come together.

If you would like a decadent dessert...look no further than a box of pudding and 1 pint of whipping cream. That is it. I used one box of Trader Joe's dry chocolate pudding mix and added 1 pint of heavy whipping cream. I mixed it until it looked like mousse...I put it in a pastry bag and piped a bit into my "little pots". It made 8 servings. {Everybody else calls this chocolate mousse...except for me!}

For you foodies...I know the French made {make} it like a custard in a water bath...but when you are short on time and need a little bang for your buck...this will do just fine.

Tomorrow night before the birthday party, I will top them off with a tiny little swirl of white chocolate whipped cream {whipping cream made with a bit of white chocolate Torani syrup!} TAAA DAAA. Easy Peasy!

Now, next time you are out shopping...don't forget to pick up your ingredients for this European dessert with a fancy name! A bit of cream is good for your complexion!

BTW...I timed this. It took three minutes to make and maybe three minutes to pipe it into the glasses! It may take most people 5 minutes, but I like to get the swirls just right!

Nothing sweeter than mini pots de creme...what do you think?

Post Edit: This seems to be a favorite! I have received more e-mails and requests for this recipe and I think it's because it is easy, gourmet-looking and CHOCOLATE! Perfect for showers, parties or just because!

*********PLEASE READ: If you are using a different box of pudding, just follow the directions for making pudding. Instead of using MILK, substitute whipping cream. I suggest heavy whipping cream.

Happy Thursday!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Thank You for all of the great ideas and for the comments. The winner is number 9...That Fresh Feeling. Please e-mail me your address, so I can get it shipped to you.

I am so excited about the next giveaway. Want a hint? It would be the best keepsake EVER and even better than is made with A.MAZING detail and the cherry on top is this: One of my besties will design it just for YOU! No more hints or you may guess!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Little Birdie Snacks

Hope you are all settling into the New Year.

I feel bad for the little birdies all year long...but especially when it is soooo cold outside.

When our children were younger, it was a great way of letting them know how God takes care of even the birds. They loved feeding the ducks and BIRDS!

Today, I used an old cookie cutter and brushed plain ole Elmers glue on it...and then poured bird seed on to coat. You may want to do small patches at a time so that you don't make as much as a mess as I did. It would also be a good idea to let it dry a bit in between coats of glue and bird seed.

Anyway, I think the little birdies are going to enjoy their little Valentines day snack...I hope they appreciate the baker's twine, too! I know we will....because their treat is hanging from a tree right outside our bedroom window.

Happy Tuesday!

And don't you just love my little dappled doggie? She found her OUTSIDE ball while we were hanging her gift to the birds!!!! I must love her because I let her bring that nasty thing into our house!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Classic Red and White Baker's Twine {Giveaway}

Happy New Year to all of you! I thought with Valentine's Day sorta around the corner, it would be fun to start off the New Year with a giveaway.

This giveaway is for my blog followers and friends on facebook! You are welcome to sign up if you aren't following already. Facebook friends will earn an exra entry!

Twine is my favorite way to embellish boxes, tags, signs, packages, sandwiches, drink tags etc...soooo I wanted to pass the fun along to YOU.

All you need to do is let me know what you would do with 2300 feet of classic red and white baker's twine. I can't wait to read all of your ideas.

This giveaway is for U.S. only and will end on Wednesday, January 5th, at am 9:00 PST. The winner's name will be posted on Wednesday!

Happy Monday!

When you leave your comment be sure to mention if your a facebook friend.