Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Make and Take a Meal: Adding Charm to Dollar Store Disposables

Hi friends!!  I'm not even sure if I remember how to blog...but I have been having so much fun with our THREE little grandbaby girls that blogging has taken a major back seat!!

I thought instead of posting a recipe, I would take a few minutes to chit chat about how easy peasy it is to add a bit of charm to meals we take to others.
I would encourage you...if you aren't already doing so...to run to your local restaurant supply store or to your favorite Dollar store and stock up on disposable alluminum baking dishes and paper products so that when you gift a meal to someone in need...they aren't going to need to do dishes and or return pans to everybody!!  It is a win.win situation...trust me!!!
I am by no means saying that taking a meal by itself is not enough...I am just suggesting that it takes minutes to add a little bit of charm.




taco salad


The taco salad will go in the large aluminum pan with a lid.  I like to package the tomatoes and cheese on the side...and I send a ripe avocado separate.  Nobody likes soggy cheese and smooshy tomatoes.
A bottle of chilled Catalina is also included.

The Doritos are put into a large paper box

My family and friends save me drink carriers which work perfectly for lemonade!!  The goal is for the recipient to have zero dishes to do!!!

The brownies or lemon bars {I like to mix it up a bit!!} are also placed inside the paper boxes and tucked in with a piece of wax paper or parchment paper to assure they stay as fresh as possible.

Again, if you keep these things stocked...along with a little bit of ribbon...it will takes minutes to pull together!!

I used a fresh new linen towel to wrap around the salad.  It helps to insulate the salad and keep it chilled during transportation!!

That's it!!!
Hope you enjoyed this short and sweet little bloggy post!!

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