Monday, October 22, 2012

Catherine Lynch Day

Happy Monday morning to YOU!

Since things are getting a bit boring on this little ol’ bloggy, to the point where I am totally bored with it, too...I thought it may be fun to do a theme week again.  I haven’t done one in a very long time!  So, I figured I would combine our vacation notes and pictures and journal away.

Who knows, it may be even more boring, and I may end up being a flake and only getting to one day or two.  Anyhoo, if you aren’t in to other people’s vacations :}…you may want to come back next week!

I have always dreamed of visiting the East Coast during Autumn and at the very top of the list was the Smithsonian.  Oh.My.  I am so happy I got to share it for the first time with my hubby...only he would have put up with me.  :}

We are going to start off with my “Mundane Monday” which is now officially my Catherine Lynch Day.

For those of you who know my LOVE of History and my “HATE” for laundry, we are going to start off the week with a little History lesson that captured my heart.

Any woman who does laundry for a living deserves to have a day named after her, don’t you think?

Tucked in the halls of the SMITHSONIAN in Washington, DC, I learned about an incredible lady by the name of Catherine Lynch.  She was an Irish immigrant who was a laundress.  YES!  That was her job day in and day out.  I am not talking about sorting piles of nasty laundry into “whites”, “darks”, “colors”, “delicates” etc..  I am talking about taking care of other people’s laundry and hauling pails of water for just one load.  She was extremely particular in every step that she took to make sure her laundry was clean.  I’m afraid that if I was a laundress, I would be policing every single piece of laundry that was tossed into the hamper.  {maybe this is when nudist colonies started…they all seem pretty happy to me!!!}  My momma is going to kill me!  :}


And this is before crockpots...imagine having to make dinner after a day like this!!!  

Happy Catherine Lynch DAY!

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  1. Hi Lisa... Oh how we take our own "maids" for granted! Glory be to the inventor of the washer and dryer. If we think we hate laundry now... I'm sure it would have been unbearable back in the day. So today I will kiss my washer and dryer and will be grateful I was born at this point and time in history. It's all about perspective. We should be grateful we aren't washing our laundry in a stream somewhere in another country. I do love fresh laundry hung on the line... But alas our covenants won't allow it
    Thanks for sharing about your fun smithsonian visit.
    Paula R.