Tuesday, September 27, 2011

(zippy) Pumpkin Muffin Doughnuts

OKAY, girlies...you should be ecstatic over this recipe.

Not only is there NO SOY FLOUR involved, but it also calls for a real egg. Like a real, live baaahk, baaahk chicken egg! Aren't you happy? For those of you who have bought your soy flour, there are plenty more recipes calling for it. But to be fair, I decided to do an old-fashioned recipe with old-fashioned, easy-to-find ingredients. OH!!! I also used SALTED BUTTER! :)

And since my e-mail has been filled with questions about the "special flour", unsalted butter, organic sugar and sea salt...they are just what I use. You can most definitely use regular sugar, butter, salt and eggs.

The reason I am detailed about ingredients: In the past when I have given out recipes, friends will make something and they will comment that it didn't taste "the same". AND I have asked for recipes and when I make it, it doesn't taste anything like it {like my MOMMA!!!!!} so, I like exact ingredients and I write them up with the boring details, so that if somebody tastes something I have made...they can re-create it and then go from there on how they would like to improve and change it up! And I am sorry about those of you who do not have Trader Joes or Costco. I think I would die. BUT, you may have some stores that we don't that may have even better ingredients to choose from!

Alrighty! Enough blah.blah.blah! Hope this all makes sense.

Pumpkin Muffin Donuts

Lisa Pearson

Goodness Gracious! These little muffins were looooong overdue for a teeny tiny makeover!

1/3 cup pure pumpkin {no spices added}

1/2 cup organic sugar


1 1/2 cups flour {I like the wheat/white mix from Costco}

1 1/2 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. sea salt

1/2 tsp. nutmeg...fresh ground if possible

1/2 cup 2% milk

Dunking Ingredients:

1/2 cup SALTED butter

1/2 cup organic sugar

1 Tbsp. cinnamon


In a medium sized mixing bowl, cream pumpkin, sugar and egg. Add dry ingredients and mix until mixture is thoroughly combined. Add milk gradually while mixing. Using ice cream scoop, Fill 8 greased muffin tin holes. Bake @ 325 for about 20-25 minutes or until golden.

Combine dunking sugar and cinnamon together in a bowl. Melt butter in a bowl.
Dunk {I love that word!} warm muffins in melted butter and then right into the cinnamon sugar. Take a big bite with an ice cold glass of milk and jot down a note to yourself to be sure to double the recipe next time!!!!

OVER THE TOP VARIATION!!! Combine 1/2 cup organic sugar, 1/2 stick of unsalted melted butter and 2 Tbsp. light rum. YEP! RUM! Dunk in rum sauce and then coat in cinnamon sugar! YOU will be IN.LOVE!

In other news...I was so excited to meet my bloggy friend, Chelsia today! She is adorable and oh.so.sweet. We could have talked much longer!! Thank you, Chelsia!!

Laurissa started her second year of college and has changed her major!!! She will be studying to go into the medical field.

Caleb had his second surgery last week to remove some pins and to manipulate the hand for MORE x-rays!

We were "shooting star" hunting last night and did not spy one.single.one! BUT the sky was magnificient!

Once again, the fridge is empty and I am pretty sure I just went shopping. I think we have elves that eat between the hours of midnight and 5 AM!

My momma brought a homemade berry pie to go along with our dinner the other night. There is one sliver left that needs to be eaten before the elves get to it!!!

I think I need to make some more pies in a jar to give away! They just make you feel so loved! {No need to write emails of concern...I already am fully aware that I have food issues...what is wrong with food=love?} At least has been proven...scientifically! :}


...and Happy Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Those look REALLY good! Something the kiddos here would love. Thank you- I know- I give recipes to people all the time and then they say...well, it doesn't taste like YOURS did. No kidding? Well you substitued 21 ingredients so what did you expect?;>) Love those little pies in jars! xo Diana

  2. Those look so good, Lisa! Your food always looks delicious! Love to you!

  3. Oh my, they look and sound delicious...I will add them to my list of fall treats to bake. I know my grandkids would love them!
    And, I agree with you, food=love ;-) Blessings!

  4. Thank you! I can hardly wait to hear how you all like them...and what variation you make! Happy baking!

  5. YUMMMM!!!!!! These look beautiful and delicious- I always click on your recipes on the Friday Link up Lisa! You amaze me! Love to you, Janelle

  6. Janelle...thank you. Well guess what? I am not a hamburger-makin kind a girl, but your hawaiian meatballs are on the menu!!! Love to you!

  7. I tried to comment here yesterday ~ will try again. These sound and look wonderful! LOVE pumpkin anything really. I'm sure the grands would adore them. Thanks for sharing!

    I, too, dislike when others try a recipe you've shared and remark, "it wasn't the same". Nope, not when you change it. :-)


  8. Awwww, those are so CUTE, and round, and cuddly... I almost want to snuggle them instead of eat them. But they do look awfully yummy, so maybe they won't mind TOO much... Thanks for sharing! I've seen you around StoneGable and figured it's about time to start following. Nice to meet you! *wave*

  9. These look amazing. I am totally dunking my in run sauce, plus pinning right now!

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  10. They look amazingly delicious!
    Keeping my fingers crossed I'll also get such a beautiful result ;)