Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Elephant's Delicatessen

Do you have a very favorite place to eat? Where you get a feeling of giddiness, the minute you decide to go!

We don't eat out alot, and when we do, I feed on being frugal...but I love little places with a lot of character. Sometimes even the name gets me excited. Do you know what I am talking about?

This last Sunday, my hubby took part in an amazing fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis. I had the privilege of being a spectator and "WOW" is all I can say! We were moved beyond words by the families that are affected by this horrible disease. They are without a doubt some of the most inspirational individuals I have ever met. More on that later. It deserves a post of its very own.

ANYWAY, we were on our way home and decided to go to Elephant's Delicatessen! You walk in and it is old-fashioned and homey. Red crocks are filled with silverware, there is fresh ice water in the biggest glass drink dispenser I have ever seen. There are glass cases with beautifully swirled cupcakes, fruit tarts, and pear cake with frosting that is fluffy like clouds. Baskets are filled to the brim with fresh breads of all sorts. There are gifts, soup and sandwich bar where they take your order and make it just for you...and then there is an area for all kinds of drinks...reminds me of an old-fashioned soda fountain shop. It really is an experience that is fun and delicious. I ordered French Macaroons and a carrot cake-to-go...it was THE BEST! It was piped with cream cheese frosting and finely chopped pistachios.

So if you live in the area...you will NOT be disappointed in your little destination.

As my hubby and I left one of our favorite spots, we could not help but think of how good it feels to be able to help those in need. It may be just the tiniest slivers of help, but if we are all willing to do what we are able, it COULD make a huge impact!

Has your life been touched by an individual or family that has been affected by Cystic Fibrosis or any other life changing disease? How have you been able to touch their lives? Please share your ideas...no matter how small or big. I would love to hear some ideas of how ordinary people can make a difference!...ALSO, I do not advertise on this blog, but when my heart is tugged the way it was over this past weekend, I certainly feel it is my responsibility to act on it. If you don't have a charity you are actively supporting, would you please consider joining our family in the fight against this disease? Thank you for your understanding regarding this subject!

FOR THOSE WHO ARE FRUGAL: Elephant's has a huge markdown right before closing, so...just think, if you save 50% on your tasty treats, the other 50% could be designated to a charity of your choice. Can you imagine how that would add up over the course of one year?

Happy Tuesday!

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