Monday, May 24, 2010

LABELING...the fridge...

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I have already been called "eccentric" for this one. Trust me. BUT IT WORKS! How many times are you asked where something is in the fridge? Be honest.

My hubby got me my very first P Touch labeling machine years ago, and I had labeled everything there was to label in the house {yes, even my children's chest of drawers!}except for the...FRIDGE. Let me tell you, it has been the best thing ever. I took everything out of the fridge, cleaned it out and labeled away.

My mom used to always clean out the fridge before grocery shopping, so that when she brought the groceries back, there was plenty of room for fresh food and no room for nasty odors.

So, now with my labeled shelves, I simply dispose of leftovers from the shelf as opposed to wasting time digging around and when the kids get hungry, they know exactly where to find what they need.

This has been the only snag: Laurissa's best friend came over one night and wanted a snack. I handed her a container with leftover veggies. She didn't eat all of them, so she went to put them away and asked in her sweet, little mousy voice, "Mrs. Pearson, do I put these in the veggie drawer or in with the leftovers?" We LAUGHED SO HARD!

It's not like I am freaking out if everything isn't kept perfect. It is just to help keep things a bit more organized and to save on time. Because quite frankly, I need all the help I can get. I will take a picture of the fridge at the end of the week, but this is what it looks like at the beginning og the week before grocery shopping. Nothing like starting the week semi-organized!


  1. This is great. Although I keep the items in my fridge fairly organized with a place for things, I've never thought of actually labeling.

    Your story about the friend's confusion of where to put the food is too funny.

  2. I want a labeler! I just organized a ton of things today and need to "help" the family remember where to put everything now...

    BTW I'm enjoying your posts on meals for the road/practices/games etc. I don't have the time to make them extra beautiful but the ideas about containers and what to put in them has been inspiring. Better than just PB and J which can get boring after a while! So thanks :)

  3. Becky...I don't deck them out for games etc. :) I wish I did, but I LOVE cute napkins that are clearanced, they always make it feel extra fancy shmanzy. I do make things fancy when I take them to people who have had babies or have had surgery, because I figure it is a gift and a meal in one. Glad you like the meal ideas. Thank you, Becky. You can borrow my labeler if you want. :)