Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Green with Envy

Not really, but when I was planing a luncheon a couple of months ago, I was planning on using flowers from my yard. Well, that didn't happen. Nothing, and I mean nothing was even slightly blooming. So, PLAN B...I brought in greenery. Lots of it. It was free and way better than faux flowers. It created a beautiful background color for my "paper peonies" I used as nests for the paper birds to perch on. I also brought in a branch that my son cut down and trimmed for me {always good to have a boy around!}. I ended up cheating and buying a bouquet of flowers from Trader Joes for $5.99, and since I needed to make them stretch, I cut several roses off, and strung them from fishing line and hung them from the chandellier. There were plenty left to have a couple more bouquets throughout the house!

Now, I am waiting very patiently for my peonies to bloom, so I can look out from my kitchen window and admire their beauty...but for now I am enjoying the half dead roses hanging from the light above the dining room table. My son asked me this morning if I was drying them...maybe I will replace them with my closed peonie buds!

Today I am linking up to the Reluctant Entertainer. Click on the button below to see some AMAZING flowers that are blooming in other people's yards and homes~

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  1. Yay for peonies! They are just the best spring time flower!

    Thanks for linking up today at RE!

  2. That is so pretty. I love the hanging roses!

  3. Oh how I love peonies. Great idea to bring the greenery indoors!!