Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Ideas


Here are a couple of Thanksgiving ideas...using things I already had on hand: I baked a few pumpkin bundtlettes with rum sauce, lined the Chinese take out boxes with wax paper...the pre-folded ones... placed the bundtlette in the box. I had some leftover verses I had made as Thank you cards,so I glued them down to the top of the box. Some fresh rosemary and a plastic spoon tied to the handle with a brown ribbon is already to enjoy. This is a quick, simple gift...that can be shared!
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The plan was to give my mom some leaf punches for Thanksgiving decorations for above her dining room table. My leaf punch decided NOT to work, so, I printed some Bible verses on cardstock and used a luggage tag template. I tied a ribbon to the top and put some fishing line through the hole. The verses...all based on giving thanks...will hang from the light above the table, and the guests will each take one home to use as a bookmark or whatever else they want to use it for. The tags are to remind them that this life is temporary...just traveling through...but most importantly to remind them of the JOY we have in Christ.

You know how excited you get when you get to go somewhere really exciting? Who knows what the journey may entail? Late planes, cancelled flights, a flat tire...but there is still the anticipation of what is to come. And I am so thankful to have ALMIGHTY GOD in control of this journey with Him reminding me that He is with me every step of the way...detours and ALL.

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