Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Oh, for the LOVE of white!! Seriously!!
It is my favorite color...and yes, my children ALWAYS reminded me that white was NOT a color...but it is so fresh, clean, and perfect for those that have a hard time in the commitment department.
First of all, many.many.moons ago, I was a young college student on a budget, and then a young wife and momma on an even tighter budget...and when you are thrifting for your HOME, and you want old things to be nice, you grab a can of spray paint or a gallon or two of silky white paint to transform the dated and yucky into beautiful with very little effort.
When our HOMES are simple, we find ourselves less stressed and more relaxed when things start getting crazy busy.  And for me, white has a calming effect.
So, I thought I would break down a few white things in our home so that I could convince you that 
W H I T E 
is definitely the way to go:

White sheets:  It keeps me from having to re-do our bedroom decor on a regular basis.  Every new season comes beautiful new color palettes...that are OH.SO.TEMPTING.  I mean velvetty coral and pink for Valentines???  Yes, please!!  But with the cost of plush King-sized sheets, no thank you.  All I need to do is add a bouquet of coral tulips and a new throw pillow cover and voila.  Trendy, not spendy!!

White towels and wash cloths:  YEP.  You got it!!  It feels like luxury and we have our own spa in our own home.  Sick babies, pets, muddy problem.  Add a bit of bleach to the next load of laundry and will ever know the dirt that was once lurking in your clean pile of freshly folded laundry...unless it is still on the fluff.cycle in the dryer three days later!!

White dishes:  BUT OF COURSE!!  I think all food looks more appetizing and stunning on a white plate.  It keeps your cupboards streamlined and uncluttered looking.  White is easy to mix and match if a plate or two get dropped and the original set has been discontinued.  This also keeps the urge to invest in plates at bay that always seem to be the dangling carrot in front of the hungry little bunny come Easter time.  Don't do it!!

White kitchen {small} appliances:  Again, colors come and go when it comes to kitchen colors.  Save the pops of color for fun dish towels, fresh flowers and spices, cookbooks, fruit and veggies in baskets etc.

Have I convinced you???
Anyhoo, thought I would just get up on my soap box for a bit today.

Have a lovely Wednesday!!