Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dad's Handkerchief

{written by Laura...my twinsie}

Don’t you just love it when out of the blue you are absolutely reminded of God’s undeniable blessings in your life? We all face difficult seasons in our lives when all we can do is trust God to be faithful, and yet our hearts are spilling over with pain and unanswered questions. There have been many such times in my, but I am truly grateful when God allows me a glimpse back into those times to show me the painful paths that He has lovingly paved with His protection and never-ending faithfulness.

Not long ago, I was going through my suitcases and bags. I had just pulled out some old brochures, a couple of shampoo bottles, and a stray sock. I was ready to put the bag back way when I realized I needed to clean out another inside pocket I had forgotten about. I reached down and found some old gum wrappers when I felt something stuffed way down in the corner. I pulled it out and was instantly taken back to a different time in my life. I had found one of my father’s handkerchief’s that he had given to me years ago. As I held that handkerchief, I was so moved with emotion, I had to sit down as the tears started flooding down my face. What I held in my hand was OH.SO.MUCH.MORE than a handkerchief!! It was what it represented that made it PRICELESS to me!!

I had been raised in Germany as a missionary kid, along with my twin sister and brother. We had been in German schools until fifth grade. After a year-long furlough in the States, our family had decided that my Lisa and I would attend boarding school instead of returning to the German schools. The day arrived for school to begin, and we had to say good bye to our parents and brother. Up until that time, it was me who would be the first to cry. This time it was Lisa. I am sure that my dad pulled out his hanky to wipe away Lisa’s tears as he reassured us of his love for us, and that we would talk soon.

GOD WAS GOOD and carried us through those difficult years of separation, and dad always had comforting words and strong hugs when we were going through difficult times. To be sure, if there were tears to be wiped, he would pull out his handkerchief to wipe way our tears.
The more I thought about that handkerchief, I tried to remember how I ended up with it!! Then, it dawned on me that it was when I was still in college. I had traveled back to Germany to visit my parents. My time there had come to an end, and we were once again saying the all too familiar good-byes. He once again reached up to wipe away the tears, and then most likely gave me the handkerchief to take along on that flight.

How thankful I am for my father that God has given to me. I am even more thankful for my Heavenly Father who loves me and cares for me as only a loving Father can.
At the point my father GAVE me that handkerchief, he was offering me a tangible object of his love for me. So, too, does our Heavenly Father gift us with tangible portions of His love. It can come in varying forms. It may come through the timely words of a loving friend, a sense of peace in the middle of a seemingly hopeless situation, or in a passage of His written Word. 

God is creative in His unlimited touches of GRACE! Just as God knew that the perfect extension of my father’s love for me, was through a humble piece of woven cloth, God knows the measure and degree of tangible love that you need to touch your life. It may not be immediate, and it may not be in the shape of a handkerchief, but it definitely will present itself - often when you are least expecting it.
Thank you dad for your lifelong legacy of love, serving others, sacrifice, HUMOR, and TIME!! You are a continual reminder of God’s love for me and to SO MANY OTHERS.

Always love...


{written by me}

My dear poppa,

What a memorable day August 16th, 2014 will always be as we watched our youngest take his vows and start his life as a husband to his love, Allison.  There were so many emotions and memories throughout the day that I still can't quite take it all in.  There were programs to file, flower petals to dry, little bottles of bubbles to stash away along with AMERICAN flags.  There were photo booth photos to hang from the fridge and first dance songs to download. Burlap and lace to fold and to press, secret wedding cupcake recipes to print and Hershey's kisses to add to "Pearson wedding mementos"...but what I will cherish the most is the handkerchief you pulled from your pocket as you caught me crying at the table with my besties around me.  You don't miss a beat!  After 45 years, you are still kind and gentle and always there to cheer me up.

I had no idea you were even watching me until I saw you in line, reaching down into your pocket and pulling out your freshly-ironed white handkerchief as you stepped out of line and made your way over to me...to once again offer comfort, encouragement and understanding like only a father can!

I thank God that you set the bar high as a husband and as a father...and that you communicated the importance to seek out those qualities in the man I would one day marry. 
As I sit here, and look at my wrinkled, eye make-up stained hanky {from the layers of mascara that seeped through the waterproof stuff!!} I can't help but think back to the hanky Scott, too, gifted to his daughter on her wedding day...that he had bought years before she was even dating, knowing full well she would need it {for him!!} on her wedding day!!

It is quite possible that Caleb {years from now}might be in a line, sitting in a crowd, or dropping his own daughter off at school as he catches a glimpse of her with tear-filled eyes, be they happy or sad...and without even thinking, reach down into his pocket and pull out a hanky...but for now, I will always have my very.own hanky of yours to remind me of our children's wedding day and the love you have always demonstrated to me as your daughter...no matter how old I am!!  I love you. 


  1. Such beautiful tributes to your Dad ~ thank you both for sharing! You are very fortunate to have such a relationship with him.


  2. Awwww...Lisa and Twinsie Sissy...So precious! I am a few days late in coming to the on-line posting party, but I loved this article! My own Dad still uses white, cotton handkerchiefs! I usually put a new, fresh pack under the tree each year for him.
    They are a bit harder to find these days. I don't have the memory of him handing them to me during emotional or sentimental times, but I have fond memories of him using them to wipe the sweat off his brow or around his mouth when he gets "fired-up" when he preaches. He preaches passionately enough to break a sweat! He packs the hankies when he travels to teach and preach on mission trips, and I do iron them for him on occasion.

    BTW...he is currently in Uganda..Burundi and Kenya. Please keep him in your prayers to stay safe and especially HEALTHY!!! Thanks for sharing your precious memories of your Daddy. I am sure I would love your twin as much as I adore you, Lisa! Paula Pie