Sunday, December 16, 2012

LIGHT in a Dark World

In light of this past week...I have nothing that seems okay to post. I don't feel as though I am able to post about Christmas crafts, cookie baking days or about a stove that is constantly "on the fritz". It all seems quite insignificant, to say the least.


As Scott and I have talked about our week and those that are in so much pain around us, we ARE able to go before our Heavenly Father who knows these things.

We are able to cry out to Him and plead for strength and comfort.

 We are able to trust Him.

We are able to seek His face.

May all of this evil around us drive us to Him and not away from Him.


As a child, I was always fascinated by the flicker of a candle. I loved candle light so much that I remember announcing to my parents, "when I grow up, I am going to have candle light every night!"...and for the most part, I do light a candle almost every night.


What is it about the dark? What is it about a dancing flame of light transforming the dark.dark room into a cozy, warm refuge?


It was a very cold winter night.

Our family lived in a tiny, little German town of Schesslitz on the outskirts of Bamberg.

The village was quaint and everybody knew everybody.  There were old buildings to play in, small creeks for skipping rocks, paths to hike, a castle to climb to and our very own Table Land for early spring picnics and daisy chain wreaths…but best of all…the soccer field and small lakes that would turn into the most amazing ice skating rinks when the weather got cold enough for SNOW.

This night was quite different from most.

Our parents got us out of bed, bundled us up…and took us on our sleds down to the “ice skating” rink

Skating and twirling by star light was like a dream.

After we got our boots back on, and hot chocolate was had, we went home…but not back up the  hill by our school.


We went through town!  It was the looong way home.

As we wandered through the cobblestone streets covered with what could easily be mistaken for sparkling diamonds that I saw between the wooden slats of my old sled …there was a hint of light up ahead. It seemed so dark, yet, I remember thinking that it must be the light of the moon reflecting on the freshly fallen snow…but as we turned a corner, there it was.

It was the most beautiful Christmas tree that had been lit with what seemed like a million real candles.  The glow instantly cast out the dark shadows.  It is one of my favorite Christmas memories.  Never had it seemed so dark...and then suddenly, out of nowhere so bright!!
This afternoon, our home has been drastically quiet and a storm has been brewing outside.
It has been unusually slow and much quieter than I like...even for our Selah Sunday.

Today as I was reflecting on what feels like a deep.dark.night without any promise of light anytime soon, I was reminded of the fact that God is the LIGHT of the world.  It is He who calms the storms and heals the weak.  He is still worthy of our trust and it is He who can take our shattered lives and fix them piece by piece, fragment by fragment.


Like everybody else, we have been looking forward to snow-covered trees, Christmas concerts and carolers…and the JOY that comes along with celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus.

We anticipate students home from college, friends from out of town and the hustle and the bustle of Christmas.


But for now, there is what feels like a pause.


 It is quiet and still…very much like long ago…as our world prepares to celebrate our KING.  Jesus was God’s gift to the world.  His Promise.


Soooo, as we sit in what seems to be the dead of winter, let’s pray for those around us who are hurting.  Take time to thank God for His goodness in sending His son to us…and for providing us with His JOY…we must remember that perfect peace is ours.  “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.”  Isaiah 26:3


Just like that tree so many years ago, we can be a simple warm beacon of light to those around us.


Thank you, Jesus for giving us peace and for sending us a LIGHT for this



  1. Well said.
    I was crying again tonight as my heart is still aching for the families in Connecticut.
    It is a heartbreaking situation.
    I pray for God's Grace for them all.

  2. Lisa... Thanks for expressing so beautifully what we all are feeling. The pain and grief seems unbearable... and we are physically far removed from the situation. I cannot imagine the overwhelming grief and the gaping holes in their hearts and homes that these families are feeling. It's difficult to even pray... I just cry out for mercy and comfort.
    Praying for supernatural peace and comfort for all of us and especially those of us affected directly.

    Thanks for sharing a sweet memory with us from your childhood. What a beautiful experience that your parents shared with you. Paula Romer