Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Caesar Salad in a Cup

Happy Tuesday!  Hope you are all having a good start to the new week.

Our week started off with a day/night with our nephew and nieces.  Our guest room was filled with three little girls and their favorite pillows, blankies and stuffed animals.  The boys were last to hit the hay...but I must say that I peeked in on all of them several times just to take it all in.  We enjoyed them so much!
You just forget how little ones are so excited about the simple things like waffles, favorite syrups and mounds of whipped cream for breakfast... tiny tea cups and lemonade mixed with orange juice, hanging Christmas bulbs and snow globe night lights and window seats!

Since we are all about simple I decided to post this again.

It is one of my favorite, quick go-to's when I have little time, but want to add a fun element to a meal.

Caesar Salad in a Cup

1.  Wash and dry Romaine leaves.

2.  Place several leaves in the bottom of a cup, standing straight up.  Kinda like a bouquet of  flowers. Be sure to have the bottom of the leaves at the bottom of the cup and the pretty, curly edges at the top.

3.  Sprinkle a few croutons around..

4.  Pour Caesar salad dressing into a condiment cup and sprinkle with fresh Parmesan cheese.

Variations:  These can also be served in clay pots, a bowl lined with colored parchment paper or wax paper, little pails tied with a bell, a juice glass etc.

The best part about this?  Your guests get to eat their salad with their hands!  This is one sure way to get your kiddies to eat their greens, too!



  1. Lisa- That is such a cute idea! I love it- the kiddos here will love it- xo Diana

  2. I love your ideas, Lisa! So inspiring, as are your blog posts! Happy day sweet friend! xo