Monday, December 10, 2012

A Simple Christmas List

Christmas should be simple...but how many of us have wiped our brow and moaned a "whew" on December 26th...knowing full well New Years is still to be had?
We become irritable and overwhelmed with finding new spots for newly acquired gifts, and our children can be equally as cranky feeling frustrated with being asked to pick up their things when clearly there is no room for more stuff.
When our children were still very small, we had decided {Yes, we were the parents and we took full advantage of this privilege} that Christmas was going to be kept as simple as possible.  We wanted to do special things together as a family, with friends and for others.
What we decided to do was simple, do-able, and fun...and it allowed us to keep our focus on the birth of baby Jesus which is why we were celebrating in the first place.
We have followed this every.single.year and it works.  The nice thing about the "GIFT LIST" is that it works with any budget.  Just be sure to have your kiddies include several ideas within each category so that they have no idea of what they are getting.

Simple Christmas Gift List:

1.  Something to read...I Spy was on THE LIST a couple of years in a row!

2.  Something to play with...sometimes the kiddies would coordinate with Build-a Bear toys...

3.  Something to wear...this was a favorite during high school years!

4. Something they wanted...dolls, guns, beads, beanie babies, pocket knives etc.

5.  Something they new jammies and socks

This made it easy for our children and even easier for us!

Our Holiday breakfast...Friday morning after Thanksgiving...was the first gift of the season which was a special ornament depicting something of importance from the last year.  This was always my favorite thing to shop for as it was a real challenge to be super creative in finding the perfect ornament!

We would also buy a family was usually a new card game, a bowling trip for the family, a night out to our favorite restaurant, maybe a new Veggie Tales movie, sleds etc.  There was no rhyme or reason to this...just something that we knew we would all love to do together!

I LOVED keeping Christmas as simple as possible and loved that our children knew what Christmas was all about.

Tucking our children in at night, with their rooms glowing from their own little trees is a memory I will forever cherish...but hearing them sing "Happy Birthday, Jesus" with their little voices was to me...a small glimpse of heaven  on this earth.  That song still makes me cry! It makes me long for simplicity and the the reminder of why we should keep things focused on the precious son of God who we are celebrating.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

These stockings are special because the same lady that made my hubby his stocking when he was little made the exact same ones for our littles!  Stockings with a story...

A very favorite Christmas book!

Look at our beautiful babes!!!

A cake plate, fresh cedar branches, 4 glass votive holders and one white pillar candle=a simple ADVENT centerpiece!

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  1. Lisa... I love this idea Of a simpler Christmas and the gift ideas. It's so easy to get out of control of gift giving... But I love your concept. I loved seeing your kid's childhood ornaments they made. Too precious. Enjoy your holiday with them. Paula