Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Snow Globes

After seeing snow globes at Anthropologie last year and again on my friend Diana's blog, I decided to make a few...using Dollar Store supplies and leftover canning jars from the wedding this last summer.
My one little problem was that the globes needed a bit of light in, I bought flameless candles and it was perfect!

They are super easy and take minutes to make!

Here is a "how to" for YOU!

Aside from the canning jars, which our Dollar Store also carries, everything was purchased there.  However you may  have the other supplies at home already.

Supplies you will need:

One 3- pack Dollar Store flameless candles

One 2- pack of Dollar Store bottle brush trees

1 Dollar Store spray bottle of snow in a can

1 Dollar Store small box of Epsom salt

Two canning jars OR two cheese shakers 

Ribbon, twine, string or jute

glue gun and glue sticks


1. Take your cheese shaker or canning jar and HOT GLUE your little bottle brush tree into the bottom of the jar.  DO NOT spray the snow first as it is super greasy and your glue will do the slip-n-slide and will not stick to the bottom.  Trial and error.  :}

2.  Glue your flameless candle to the top of the shaker.  Make sure the on/off switch is under a hole so that you can turn it on or off with the help of a toothpick. :}

3.  Shake the can o' snow really good and then spray it just a bit with the nozzle pointed toward the bottom. You just want a tad bit so that you can still see your little flocked tree.

4.  Pour a bit of Epsom salt in the bottom.  I like the Epsom salt instead of fake snow...because it LOOKS like sugar and it actually glistens just like real snow when light reflects off of it.

5.  Take your ribbon, twine, string or jute and knot the ribbon evenly through a hole on both sides so that it is nice and sturdy and will hang straight.  This way it will not shatter into a million pieces once it is hung.

6.  Screw on the lid and hang with care!

If you are using a canning jar, punch a couple of holes in the lid and hot glue the flameless candle so that you can easily turn the light on and off with a toothpick or fork tine.

OOOPS...I totally forgot the ring on the jar.  You get the idea.

These are darling hanging from the ceiling, on the windowsill, perched on chunky candle holders, nestled in a basket with greens and winter berries.  The possibilities are endless!  I put one on a cake stand in the bathroom and it is adorable!  Lamp posts would also be fun if you aren't into bottle brush trees.
I know...blah blah blah, but one more thing.  I put them down our dining room table without our dining table light on and they are very classy looking.  Just right for a Christmas dinner party as they make your table glow.  They are not too fussy or too tall to distract from dinner conversation.  Okay.  I think I have exhausted this topic of conversation by now!!!
Have fun creating your very own!

When we have grandbabies, I think they will need these little Christmas globes for night lights...what do you think???


  1. I love it!! What a great idea with the salt instead of the fake snow! And I love the idea of using the flameless candles! xo

  2. Lisa- Those look really cute. I have gotten hooked on those flameless candles. xo Diana

  3. Thank you Diana and Diana! The flameless candles seem to be way better than when they first came out. And some of them last up to 60 plus hours! You can't beat that! :}