Thursday, November 8, 2012

A {little vintage} GIVEAWAY


We {yes, it was my hubby's idea, too!} thought it might be fun to do a little giveaway on our neglected little family blog...what do you think?

With the holidays peeking right around the corner, I decided to make a few gifts that would not require a whole lot of time, zero creativity and no energy...and again, using what I already had.  Although I did have to buy a few more tags.  They are authentic vintage tags from an estate sale.  

My friend had posted the idea on her facebook page.  I think it was how they served the milk at the HOTEL where she was staying--thank YOU, Leslie!  I really had no idea it was me that it reminded you of!!! Anyhoo, I had the bottles saved for Laurissa's wedding.  Thankfully, Caleb only used a few for TARGET practice!!!  I think his favorite job will always be to "protect" his family...even his sister who is now a married woman!!!  Just ask her!  :}  Oh, how I love our children!

This pair of vintage-style milk/cream bottles {pint size} would make a perfect gift.  You can tailor these to fit the occasion...whatever it may be!

Giveaway Guidelines:

1.  Please make sure you are a simply...this.that.and the other bloggy follower.

2.  Please leave a comment.

We will randomly select one winner on Saturday, November 10th, 2012 at 9:00 pm PST.

P.S.  If you would like something different stamped on the tags, I would be happy to do that for YOU!

Happy {almost} Friday!  And can I say HOW excited I am for Christmas music, hot tea and my hubby who changed the outdoor globe lights from 2 hours to 4 hours??  It is the little things...

Love to YOU!


  1. Welcome back, Lisa! I missed you! Tell Scott that this is a great idea!
    {The little bottles are adorable just as they are.}
    Gosh, Lisa, you have been on my sidebar blog roll forever...but I could not find myself as a follower! So now it's official. I'm your newest old follower!

  2. These are super cute!! Love them!! Miss you tons!!!

  3. Yes...I am definitely a follower...and a convert! Good to see your post in my in-box.
    Those bottle are too cute! And every time I see cute tag labels... I also think of you.
    I must admit I've had to use a few of my little paper nut cups to serve up candy corn to Bubbs. He loves those! I put a few cups in his drawer and he pulls them out and asks for a special treat. Love you friend-hope you are well. Paula Romer

  4. Welcome back! Those bottles are so adorable. I'd love to call them mine.

  5. Good to hear from you again! Love those cute little bottles...not sure you send to Canada though :)
    I too am getting excited for Christmas, love this time of year. xx

  6. Of course, I would love anything created by you and these bottles are totally adorable! Of course I'm a follower!

    I apologize for not being around much going on here. My bank acc't was hacked plus several other things. I think God must be worn out with my pleas. :)


  7. I love reading your blog. You have the most wonderful, creative ideas! Thanks for sharing your world with us.

  8. Cute idea! We entertain a lot and this would be a great way to display differnt types of creamers at the coffee service.
    Lori in Atlanta

  9. You are so amazing, Lisa! Love you and your fun, creative {and useful} ideas! This is such a cute idea! You know I'm a Simply... This. That. And The Other. junkie (aka follower)!! :)

  10. I am a subscriber and love the cute bottles!

  11. Perfect for entertaining! I love them!

  12. Love these so much! (Can't figure out if I'm a follower though)

  13. Love these. Such a cute vintage touch.

  14. Oh how I love these!! Wonderful giveaway! Newest Follower.
    Connie from Sadieloohoo

  15. Lisa these are sooo cute! I miss my sweet bloggy friend!

  16. I absolutely LOVE those Lisa and you know I've been a follower here for a long time! :-)

  17. Hi Lisa,I love these your BLOG..
    love from suz e Q,Susan Elliott~