Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fruit Salad Smoothie

Yes, this bloggy has been filled with old posts and old pictures and old news...and I have missed YOU!
I have missed writing and documenting and chit chatting about life!
We have had the most beautiful weather here in Portland and it has been a real treat to wake up to the sunshine streaming through the white cotton curtains almost every.single.morning until a few days ago!
Caleb and Nate's Graduation Open House is this weekend.  Can I just say how thankful I am that MRS.C offered to host the party?!  I think this is the first time I have EVER.EVER.EVER been okay with not having to host{because hosting is one of my very favorite things to do...especially when it comes to our children and their sweet friends!}.  Okay, I did wake up with a bit of guilt this morning.
Nate's momma is providing the home and I am doing the food shopping.  Fair trade if you ask me!  The boys are ice cream fanatics, so the theme is old-fashioned and simple.  We will be having an ice cream bar with brownies and toppings.  We both talked each other out of making homemade ice cream cream.  There comes a point in keeping or loosing your sanity!!
Graduation is the following week and then we will be leaving to chaperone this fun class for five days.  Once we are back, our Laurissy leaves to teach in Kazakhstan for a couple of weeks, and then our Caleb will be leaving for the Philippines before she gets back.  Once she is home, the final wedding plans will need to be finalized...WHEW!

Needless to say, posts will be even more scatter-brained and full of boring information for most of you, but I do love looking back on what our life looks like right now.
I want to remember how God provided us with strength, with friends who loved us, with rest, with compassion and grace toward our children, with peace in stressful situations, with comfort in knowing our God had His hands on our children and their friends while in different places in the world...so far away from the familiar and secure.  Because we can thank God for every situation, we made up a word...SURTHRIVAL:  Thriving in survival mode!  I am so thankful that God is in control of this seemingly out-of control, crazy, life-changing time in our lives!


Teenagers would rather sleep than eat breakfast.  It is true in our home, anyway.  So, since a certain male off-spring of ours needs good nutrition to finish his school-year, I have opted to make him breakfast on-the-go. {Trust me, once he has the golden diploma in hand, he will be on his own for breakfast AGAIN!}

Since we have been serving lots more fruit with dinner and not eating as much sugar, fruit salads have become "my thing".  I try to make different fruit salads to keep it from getting too boring.  Mixing three different fruits together works great.  One of the current favorites is fresh pineapple, fresh strawberries and fresh cantaloupe and a bit of lemon juice.  Whatever is left is measured out into two cups and placed into the freezer...ready for a smoothie!

Fruit Salad Smoothies

2 cups orange juice...no sugar added, not from concentrate

2 cups frozen fruit salad

1 scoop HERBALIFE Protein Drink Mix {optional}


Place all ingredients into blender and blend away until your smoothie is nice and smooth.

Pour into cups and kiss your child good morning and good-bye!


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  1. Love the smoothies. I know it is hard to give up hosting when you are used to doing it...but I think it is a good trade- home for food! You will do a great job, I know- Blessings- xo Diana

  2. Thank you, Diana...I think I like doing parties like this. It may be happening more frequently! I hope you are having a lovely week! Xo

  3. Congratulations to the graduates! Thanks for the wonderful fruit smoothie recipe! I love them in the summer! They start my day perfectly!

  4. Thank you, Yvonne! I will pass the congrats on to our son! I am craving your cherry jam!!! xo