Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mini go

Yes.  We all seem to be embarking on the season of the "tyranny of the urgent".  Do you ever have so many things that need to be done at the same time that you have no idea where to start?  

Anyhoo, I have had a couple of different friends ask me what I keep on hand for entertaining when I am short on time and on a budget.
This is one of them.  
A batch of baked brownies kept in the freezer is one of my favorites, along with a container of Cool Whip...there are organic varieties as well.  You can easily add ice cream to the brownies along with an ice cream topping and be the hero...or you can make mini trifles! 

Trifles sound complicated and look stunning served in a glass trifle dish, too but not everybody has, mini trifles in disposable containers are a great option.  I have found myself running to this as a go-to for years now.  {I'm so happy Laurissa actually e-mailed Kim asking for the recipe because she loved it after enjoying it at a girl's night!} The possibilities for this dessert are endless.  They could be used for picnics, baby showers, bridal showers and birthday parties to name a few.  They can be kept simple by putting them into a clear plastic cup or fancied up with twine, ribbon, and fresh mint.   

This is so easy to make at the last minute, especially if the brownies are already baked and in the freezer.
All you need to make is a big box of instant JELLO pudding...which is another STAPLE.
It is amazing what one can pull of with these three simple store-bought goodies!

Mini Trifles

1 box brownies, prepared according to the package directions.  I follow the fudgy brownie recipe.

1 large box of Instant JELLO pudding mix. {Follow the directions for the pudding, not the pie filling.    I also add in 1 teaspoon of vanilla or vanilla paste for a "from scratch taste".}

1 container of Cool Whip


*Simply crumble a bit of brownie at the bottom of your container.

*Put a generous amount of pudding on top.

*The crowning glory is Cool Whip...and that is it!

A few chunks of YORK PEPPERMINT PATTIES or any candy bar for that matter makes it look
If you are serving them to children, gummy worms are a hard to beat.

The best thing about these little gems is that they can be made up to 24 hours in advance!

So, take a break from the rat race and bake up a batch of these!  Be sure to share.  Trust me, your to do list is going no where.  It can wait!

Have FUN!

Happy Thursday



  1. always inspire me with your awesome packaging! xoxo

  2. That is so cute! Can you post the recipe?

  3. Gail...Thank you, it is posted. :}

    1. Ha, my computer is cutting off posts; it is weird!! Got it. Thanks

  4. Tam...thank you! Looking forward to seeing you at the wedding. :} xoxo

  5. You are such a naughty girl. I swear I get fatter just by visiting your blog! Have a good night- xo Diana

    1. Ha! Maybe next week should be chicken livers and kelp noodles. :) look for something special on the next healthy recipe! :)

  6. Love these! The grands will too so thanks for sharing. It's really a great dessert to have on hand too.