Monday, April 16, 2012

Celebrating...The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Throughout our lives it is easy to become "Holiday Celebrators", "Milestone Party Throwers" and "Achievement Recognizers"....but what about all of the moments in between the Red Letter Days?

What about those who have nobody to celebrate the Holidays with?

What about those who never make it to a milestone worthy of anything significant in their mind?

What about those who feel like they have achieved nothing in their life?

Oh how I have been reminded of the brevity of life lately...

What about the child who strives to meet a mark and can't seem to reach the matter how hard he/she tries?

What about the hubby who wakes up early in the morning or goes in late at night to work and provide for his family while his wife is fast asleep dreaming of a bigger home, a newer car, and that hammock hanging in the backyard with twinkle lights and candles hanging from the trees...knowing it is all he can do to provide the bare essentials at that?

What about the friend who may not make it to blow out the birthday candles on her cake this year...yet alone see and hear her children giggle and beg to open the gifts they have wrapped for her to open?

What about the new Momma who has just enough energy to take care of babycakes and nothing left to give?

We are Not guaranteed TOMORROW.  We simply aren't.  We have NOW.  It is all of the itty bitty seconds that are dear.  They are overlooked in the grand scheme of time.  They are the hidden treasures of what some may consider the mundane.  The same ol' same ol'.  The this.that.and the other.  The EVERYDAY.

Yes, today may be bleak, but take the time to go outside and take a deep fresh breath of air and thank God for life.  And PRAY for those whose life may be hanging in the balance.  Today is your day to celebrate the muted pastel days.  I know they may not be sparkling in glitter, be black and bold or the yearned-for RED, but it is in the little things that become near and dear...that we can grow to appreciate what others may consider to be important days to look forward to.

Yes, your child may be failing a class and may be disappointing you in more areas than you care to think about right now, but Celebrate him/her.  Don't wait to celebrate the "A".  It may never happen!  They need to know that they are loved because of who they are...not because of what they are capable of accomplishing.

It may not be your anniversary, but a celebration dinner may be just what the DR. ordered.  Instead of spending your extra time on extra things {we all know what I am talking about!} set some time aside and make your hubby's homecoming special.  I am not talking a lobster tail candlelight dinner here...although I am sure he wouldn't mind...but anything that let's him know that he is special and appreciated TODAY.  It may not be a small thing to have the kiddies fed early and ready for bed...but it could be worth it to be snuggled up on the couch eating a grilled PB&J on paper plates with a tall glass of ice cold milk and two straws!  I am sure we could come up with 100 reasons why we can't, but I am also sure we could come up with 101 reasons why we should.  After all...we married them!  Note:  This is not the time to bring up parenting issues from the day or the dreamy hammock you would love by your next Bunco night, or the low water pressure in the house that is driving you batty!  This is your chance to assure him of your love and commitment and thank him for everything he does to provide for you.

It may be in order to celebrate a friend "just because".  And if you can't get out, a phone call or a little love note is just perfect!

A new Momma might just need YOU to hold her little one long enough to take a shower or take a nap.  A bit of help can stretch a long way when you are getting used to caring for a baby.  Even dropping by a cup of tea and muffin will brighten her day!

Let's not just wait for the good to celebrate!  Sometimes the BAD and the UGLY need our attention as well.

It is not that we are compromising in what should be celebrated.  I think sometimes we set our expectations so high that it is easy to miss the most fragile moments in life by overlooking the things that need our attention most.

We can easily wait for:  the next holiday, the next birthday, the next game, the new house, the new car, the job promotion, the acceptance letter, the wedding, when the kiddies move out...but what sometimes needs our attention and time are the here and now...the things that can be celebrated TODAY!

Before you know it, what may have been considered not worth your time and effort may just be the most cherished and prized memory celebrated in your lifetime.  Don't look too far and don't wait too long.

"Wisdom is in the sight of him who has understanding, but the eyes of the fool are at the ends of the earth."  Proverbs 17:24

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  1. Love this, what a wonderful reminder!

  2. Lisa, this really touched my heart! Lots going on around here too and I love and needed this reminder.

    I hope you don't mind ~ I featured this on my blog

    Love to you,

  3. Well said, Lisa. I could use a reminder like this. I am visiting from Pat's blog, Gypsy Heart. xo

  4. Lisa- What a beautiful post. I am with you all the way on this. I have always loved and tried to celebrate my family and friends unconditionally. You have such a dear heart. Blessings- xo Diana

  5. How sweet and so very true Lisa. Thanks for sharing...Pat lead me over and I am glad she did.

  6. Lisa, I loved that "don't look too far or wait too long" . wow it should apply to everyday. I just did a post on enjoy our lifes while we can. Just being with some one you love or even someone who needs a hug, can change things. Smiles to you, xo, Susie(She Junks)

  7. Thank you all for your sweet comments. I have not deleted some of the comments that were left...they simply disappeared. Not sure what happened to them. I hope your week continues to be filled with celebrating the "simple things". Love to each of you!

  8. this touched my heart and is a reminder we should all have.

  9. Great post, Lisa. I'm just getting caught up on my back log of email and just now had time to comment.. You are so right about celebrating those little things in life... God is in the details! We can let life pass us on by while waiting for the next big thing.

    You are also correct when you talk about it all being about perspective. I have to have a "come to Jesus" meeting with myself often. I was talking with friends recently and we were all bemoaning what a hassle it is to grocery shop with toddlers in tow... When there are women in other parts of the world who don't even have food to feed their
    children... And here we are walking the isles of mega stores laden with a smorgasbord of culinary varieties. Who are we complain about what a hassle it is? I thank God everytime I go into Super Walmart for the privilege to shop and have food for my family.
    Thanks for reminding us to keep it all in perspective! Paula R.