Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Valentine Packaging

Well, hello little lovelies! Hope you are all enjoying the start to your new week!

I have been trying to lay a bit low on the heavy-laden sweets and confections, but when VALENTINES rolls around, it is a hard habit to break...so, to keep the flour from dusting the countertops and the batches and batches of cookies and sweet treats to a minimum, I thought I might share a few packaging ideas instead. What do you think?

RE-packing is a really fun thing to do and requires very little time if you decide on one Valentine project.

I bought a package of cookies {yes, it almost KILLLED me!}, a package of dark chocolate covered almonds from Trader Joe's and the last package of candy cane Joe's OREO cookies I specifically bought to save for Valentines. The baby pink filling is the perfect addition of color and TASTE...or so I have been told by my family.

The best part about this project is that you package it up, seal it and give them away so that temptation does not start to lurk under your work space! It is just a little sweet treat to let your sweetie pies know that they are being thought of and are LOVED!

So here are a few ideas: {My favorite is the mini "paint can" from my bff! She gave it to me with a bracelt in it! I decided to call it my prayer bracelet, because I wore it during an MRI... and I took comfort in knowing she and others were praying for me!}

These chocolate covered graham crackers were stacked into groupings of three, wrapped with doilie paper punched with a punch and embelished:

I used a straight-sided jar and punched out a white and pink striped piece of paper to line the bottom and to add a bit of color. Four little OREO cookies fit perfectly and then DIVINE TWINE in PINK just had to be added along with a Valentiney heart.

These would be great little favors to add to your dinner place settings or perfect to bag up and deliver!


ADORABLE doggie hand-stitched napkins we will be using on Valentines {My Christmas gift from my bff! You have no idea how special these are since she is not exactly on "speaking terms" with our baby!} :}

Saturday Date in our favorite part of town: My hubby knew exactly what the DR. ordered...

Before going home we went into Trader Joe's and my hubby bought me the most beautiful bouquet of champagne=colored tulips that are now opened, drooping and beauteeFULL!

Thank YOU, honey for still dating me after 23 years and for making me feel like I am the most special girl in the world. Holding hands and kissing in the rain and always believing that everything "will be okay" and praying for me all.of.the.time are amongst the miliions of memories I will never tire of! You are simply THE BEST! I love you MOSTEST!


Next POST: The EASIEST beef stew ever, TALL buttermilk biscuits and HOMEMADE butter!

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  1. Hi Lisa... Darling packaging! I, too, LOVE those mini paint cans. I use mine to store my scrapbook pins and scissors and spools of thread.
    Hmmmm... I may need to buy some for gift giving.
    Your post convinced me to buy a fancy paper punch! Such fun ideas! I love that lacy heart punch.

    Your doggie napkins are the cutest ever! Your friend must really love you especially if they're not best buds! I love hand sewn things like that. They are treasures. Just last year I was cleaning and bemoaning the fact that my hand sewn flour sack discloths we got for our wedding 17 years ago were threadbare.
    I hosted my Christmas neighbor ladies gathering and one gal gave me a hostess gift... A bag full of beautiful hand sewn flour sacks. I cried on the spot-I loved them so. It truly is the little things that make your heart swoon!

    That bakery date looks divine! That place looks right up my alley!
    Wishing you a great day! Love, Paula R.

  2. How I wish we had a Trader Joe's nearby. We go when we visit my daugther (about 100 miles away).

    You have a great husband and I can tell that you adore each other...the best part of life is yours~ xoo Diana

  3. Paula...don't homemade gifts just take your breath away...to think they made them just for you. The time it took with you, their dear friend in mind! Yes, she loves me despite all my flaws and failures. The mark of a lifelong friend!

    What a great idea to use the paint cans for ribbons. Now, I just may have to reorganize my ribbons. SEEE? you are a wealth of ideas!! Look for an e-mail from me!

  4. Diana...winco also carries the almonds in bulk. If you have a winco. Thank you for your kind comment. I am blessed with a hubby who loves me despite my many flaws! :)

  5. I love your Valentine packaging ideas, so cute! I envy you being able to shop at Trader Joe's, we don't have them in Canada.
    Very pretty tulips, I always look forward to seeing them in the stores after Christmas. How nice of your hubby to treat you! I would love to visit that market!

  6. SUPER CUTE!!! Love it to pieces!!! Thanks LOTS for sharing at Overflowing with Creativity!

    XO, Aimee

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