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Yes. It is that important that it deserves its very own post and all caps at that!

We had an itemized grocery list for ions and once WINCO re-arraged it's floor plan and messed up our little no longer worked. It took forever to scribble down our new store route, listing the major aisles according to what aisle housed what.

Do you have a store route? I think most people do, but everybody does it differently. I have friends who start with pre-packaged and end with the freezer/refrigerated section. We just start at one end and zig zag back to the front of the store!! ANYHOO, however you do might be helpful for you to make out a list of aisles and make up a list accordingly. Just be pretty specific so that every item fits well into a category. It will take much less time to figure out where to list the items.

Our grocery list hangs on a clear clip board {I can't handle the wood look against my white cabinets!!!} on the inside of our kitchen cabinets where it is super easy to access when an ingredient needs to be replaced. There are a few things I keep stocked, so even if I still have a few left, I will add it to the grocery list so that I don't run out!

How many times have you run out of an important ingredient...thinking full well that you will "remember" what it is next time you are at the grocery store...because it is ridiculously obvious that it is needed? Well, it may still work great for you, but my brain is shot and I need as many helps along the way as possible. This is why THE GROCERY LIST needs to be in a convenient spot, so as to write it down right then and there. The work is half done before you start your grocery list for the week.

You may want to think of a couple of dinner menus that you keep on hand at all times. One for company and one for a "MOMMY CRISIS NIGHT". It could be a loaf of bread in the freezer for PB and J or Kraft Mac-n-Cheese. Just be sure you have it where it can be substituted for the cordon bleu you were planning on making before the crisis. ALTHOUGH, POUNDING out the meat may still be a great idea!

EVEN if you are a lucky little ducky and are fortunate enough to have your groceries delivered to your front door {KRISTIN, I know you are stalking our bloggy!!! :} }...a grocery list will certainly help you only have to enter the ingredients all at one time.

We have a bunch of extra grocery list copies printed up at once, so that they are easy to access. It takes very little time to push "print" so that you are well-prepared for months at a time.

If you are planning on making your own, I would suggest allowing space to write down the menu for the week and a section for notes. Sometimes I don't necessarily need something, but I like to look ahead and if something is on sale and will still be good when it is needed, I will go ahead and purchase it. Also, if I see something that is on sale, I will write a note to myself on the "NOTES" section and include it on the menu for the following week. I have saved so much money doing it this way WITHOUT COUPONS! I don't clip coupons anymore and I only buy things our family really loves and will use. I do stock-pile toilet paper and paper towels and a few other things, but our house will not be the first house on our block being raided in case of a national disaster. I have a son that is a complete survivalist. So, it will be up to him to gather the wild edibles and convert rain water {ANOTHER BENEFIT TO LIVING IN THE NORTHWEST!} into drinking water for us!

Okay. I think that just about covers it.

I hope this idea sparks some interest in YOU and that it will take alot of the work and dread out of grocery shopping and menu planning.

Using this system has saved us so much money and has allowed us to be able to bless others with the savings!

Maybe you already have a system in place, if you do, I would love to hear about it. I love getting new ideas from how YOU do things.


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  1. Great ideas, Lisa! These days I'm so unorganized about keeping a list and end up going to the grocery store 5 days a week. Not exactly saving money that way. Definitely going to give his a try! Thank you sweet friend!