Saturday, December 17, 2011

Vintage Heirloom Ornament

I am so very giddy giddy this morning!

The last batch of baked goods are in the oven, most of the Christmas presents are wrapped, the house is semi-clean, the kiddies have been dotted on, the doggie is cuddled up on the couch with her "baby" and I have a few minutes to BLOG something new! I kinda feel like a child who has just finished homework and who gets to play for awhile before dinner! :}

Anyhoo, since the metal Holly Hobbie lunch boxes we carried to school in the sixth grade are now considered VINTAGE, it is more than safe to call these ornaments vintage.

My dad saves everything with any value in the memory department whatsoever. I love the fact that he kept our old caroling sheet music from when we were little.

A few years ago, he brought them over to my twinsie's house! We had dinner and then gathered around the baby grand to sing Christmas carols before opening gifts. It was such a fun evening. I will never ever tire of twinsie's amazing talent on the piano! She has her very own style that is filled with all of the extra notes. I guess it was worth listening to the hours and hours of the same ol' scales!, after seeing an idea on pinterest and seeing Kim's creation for a baby shower, I decided to take the old sheet music and make vintage ornaments for family Christmas gifts this year. I already had the ornaments, a mini punch, a glue stick, glitter and the vintage music sheets! TAA DAA!

There is nothing better than using something that you already have and making something memorable to give at Chrismas!

***I took the tops off of the ornaments and placed the white lights sitting on the mantle through the tops for ornament lighting. It looks so festive and is quite the conversation piece! That is what happens when Target sells out of globe lighting in October! Necessity is the mother to invention, right?

Thank you all for reading our little bloggy and for following our family journal this last year!

May this time of year be joyous as we celebrate the birth of Jesus!

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