Tuesday, May 10, 2011

HOSPITALITY IS...a welcome sign

I have to admit, the outside of our home has NOT been on the top of our priority list. We live in Oregon and it seems that we have way more inside days than outside days and since we do alot of entertaining, the inside is where we spend our time and that is what gets maintained before the outside!

On our recent vacation, though, I was reminded of how simple it is to make your guests feel welcome before they even knock. It doesn't have to be a beautiful cobblestone path trimmed with flowers and a babbling fountain...freshly-painted shutters and flower baskets...a porch with white wicker rocking chairs and matching pillows garnished with ball fringe.

It can be as easy as sweeping out around the front door, washing down the outside of the front door, maybe purchasing a new front mat, a potted plant and a sign.

How nice is it to see a "welcome" sign? I think it is the first glimpse of HOSPITALITY you are extending to your guests.

SOOOO...since spring and summer are around the corner {only because it still feels like winter around here!} I thought it may be fun to make a welcome sign.

We had tons of molding left from home improvements around here, and when my hubby was getting ready to send it to the curb, I begged him to save it for a project! I am so thankful he doesn't mind storing all the junk from past projects!

Here is the how to:

1. Get a small piece of molding

2. Using your computer, switch the setting to landscape for a longer sign. Choose a font and size and make sure it will fit on your piece of wood. Print it off and center it on your sign.

3. Use a piece of carbon paper under your paper and using a pencil, trace over the printed piece of paper. It will be pretty light, so be sure your lighting is good.

4. Use a fine point SHARPIE and trace over the word that was traced. Usually I use paint, but I wanted a clean, simple sign that I can use for showers, birthday parties etc.

5. Plug in your glue gun {you know you have one!} and attach ribbon to the sign. That is it!

***I had my hubby drill holes for the ribbon because I wanted the little posies to add to the sign. All you need to do is change out the ribbon for different parties or occasions. I was experimenting and thought it would make a cute baby shower gift...I am sure you could come up with lots of fun ideas. Can you imagine how nice this would be for a friend coming home from the hospital? Just a thought!

Happy Crafting! {with a purpose}

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  1. Thank you, Julie! It was a lot of fun to make. :)

  2. GREAT idea and super easy! Thanks so much for sharing! :0)

  3. I want one right now!! I love this project. I think I have some molding scraps around somewhere. Thanks!!