Monday, May 16, 2011

Grandma's Prayer Board


According to Sir Merriam-Webster, heirloom is defined as "something of special value handed on from one generation to another." That is EXACTLY what my Grandma's Prayer Board is. It is a treasured heirloom, but more than that, it is the memories that go along with it.

Have you ever been given a family heirloom that is extra special, simply because of the memories that go along with it? It could be something that is plain as plain can be, but when you take into consideration the sentimental value, it becomes priceless~ {I think maybe I have watched one too many VISA commercials and/or Antiques Road Show episodes!}.

When we were little, my Grandma came to live with us. Every night, she would climb into bed with her long flannel nightgown and cold cream on her face and would read to us for hours at a time. She read us books like Little House on the Prairie, The Five Little Peppers, and literary textbooks from when she was a teacher. We would always end the evening by saying the 23rd Psalm out loud and praying.

Since my bedroom was next to hers, it was not unusual for me to fall asleep listening to my Grandma praying out loud. If she thought about somebody or something that needed prayer, she would pray.

As I was thinking about the word heirloom, I instantly thought, “What am I passing down to my children? What are they are going to have that is left of me when I am gone?” Is it going to be my Christmas dishes, Old photographs, Grandma’s bright-colored linens, my vintage German sled with the frayed rope? While I hope they appreciate those things and don't haul them off to Goodwill, I want them to know that we have a very rich heritage in having a relationship with Jesus Christ. I want them to know that God has been faithful to their Grandparents, to us and to them. Nothing...and I mean NOTHING is impossible with God.

"The story of the parting of the Red Sea was a memory that every Israelite would recall and cherish because it reminded them of God's power, protection and love for them as a nation. Memories of God's miracles and faithfulness often sustained Israel through their difficulties, reminding them that God was capable and trustworthy." (One Year Through the Bible)

All this to say if I had one heirloom to choose it would have to be the one that has no worth to most people. It is an old piece of cardboard from who knows where. It has some brittle tape on it along with names. (Lots of names!) It is my Grandma C.'s Prayer Board. It is not a fancy prayer doesn't even have lines. It certainly is not of archival quality, either. However, it’s a reminder that we were taught at a very young age that God is faithful and that we can come to Him for anything and everything. It spurs me on to pray all the matter how insignificant the request may seem, because if it matters to me, it matters to Him. I want my children to know that God is trustworthy. I am thankful for that old piece of cardboard that was stuffed between the wall and my Grandma's bed and that all these years later we have something tangible to look at and to see God's miracles and faithfulness even when things are difficult... and that is why, above all other heirlooms, my Grandma’s Prayer Board is so dear to my heart.

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  1. How special! What a great post! BTW~ Love the new profile pic! You two could be sisters!

  2. What a great post! How special! BTW~ love the new profile pic! You two could be sisters!

  3. Such a sweet story ~ thank you for sharing! You know, I wonder often about the things my kids and grands will find worth keeping. I'm sure there are so many precious items to me that won't mean a thing to them. :-) I'm going to start writing a memoir, sharing my thoughts and providing some history of my life. Perhaps that will be a treasured keepsake one day...who knows?


  4. Julie...thank you! My bff had something to do with the erasing of lines, wrinkles and skin trenches. Trust me! :)

  5. Pat...I think that is a great idea. I know I would cherish something like that!

  6. I come from an unsaved family; I call myself a spiritual orphan. I LOVED reading about your spiritual heritage. You are so, so blessed with what that old piece of cardboard represents. It also encourages me to be that kind of mom and gramma to the family the Lord has given me.

  7. that's really neat. My grandmother told me that she had these long prayer lists as well. since then i started my own prayer lists. it's great what we learn from our grandmothers. I really miss my grandmother - can't wait to meet her in Heaven again :)

  8. This blog touched my heart. What a treasure you have in these memories ... & the prayer board. After my grandpa died, my grandma would come to stay w/us a couple times each year, for a couple months each visit. When she did, I shared my bedroom w/her. Many nights, I fell asleep listening to her pray. That's a memory worth more than any amount of money.

    Angie ~

  9. What a treasure! Sounds like your grandmother was instrumental in growing your faith. I'v only just begn to read your blog but can see you do have a deep faith. I can imagine what it must have been like hearing her speak with the Lord, night after night..
    I am glad you stopped by, hope you have a great day!