Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Garden Row Cupcakes

This is still one of my very favorite recipes. I am not sure if it is because of the actual taste, the creativity of it, or the fact that they are so easy and fun to make. Anyhoo, the idea is from an old {VINTAGE} Better Homes&Gardens cookbokk that my mom had as we were growing up. I loved flipping through the pages and feeling like I really wanted to make everything in the book, but alwayscame back to these adorable cupcakes.

Since I didn't have everything on hand, I improvised:

Here is all you need:

clean, unglazed, sterilized flower pots or deep bowls {that is what I had}

cupcakes {I had frozen minis in the freezer}


coconut and food coloring

old-fashioned hard candy sticks {nope, didn't have those either, so I used paper straws}

chocolate sprinkles {I put a few chocolate chips through the blender}

To assemble:

*Frost frozen cupcakes...they are much easier to frost!

*Roll in colored coconut

*Store in freezer with straws inserted

*THIS IS THE BEST PART: Pre-scoop dishes with ice cream and sprinkle with "dirt" chocolate.

Before serving, add straws and hand out!

OKAY...if you have no time AT ALL, whatsoever, had a bad day and hardly have time to chomp on your kiddies leftover toast crusts...prescoop the ice cream when things have settled down and add a punched tag with whatever message you would like.

For a luncheon you may want to add "THANK YOU", for a baby shower you could add the baby's initial, a birthday child's name etc. it is easy to make these look special by hot-gluing ball fringe or ribbon to the dish. Don't worry, it will peel right off.

Last tip o' the day: to make it even easier, you may want to use the disposble white paper ice cream containers from CASH AND CARRY/Garnish.

Sorry these posts have been old posts and "rushed", but this time of year is CRAZY!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. You always have the cutest ideas. Where did you get the punch? I'm having a garden party and this would be perfect.


  2. Lisa, these little treats are so special and cute!! I've missed you! Thank you for your prayers!

  3. Thank you, JO. I bought a stencil at JoAnns several years ago and traced it. If you would like, I could trace it and send it to you, but the other two punches I use all of the time are from STAMPIN UP. I can give you the info if you would like.

  4. Rene...Thank you! I am so happy you are back. Loved your guest bloggers alot...but missed you. XO

  5. These are so sweet! I love your little flower pot looking idea!!

  6. Hi Lisa

    Visiting you from Women Living Well Wednesdays.. these are so cute. My daughter and I will enjoy making them.. she's planning to study pastry arts.. we're both in love with baking!

  7. How adorable! Absolutely love the flower pot one!
    Thanks for sharing such a cute idea. :0)

    {Would love for you to link it up for my "Simply Homemaking Link-up" {Linky is open till Sat.}

    Much Love & Blessings,
    Our Simple Country Life

  8. Those look like so much fun!! I'll have to try that recipe some time!

  9. These are certainly fancy cupcakes. Almost too pretty to eat. However, I am sure I would not resist very long.

  10. Sooooo cute! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Happy Pink Saturday! ~Marti

  11. Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
    What a gorgeous share today. I love this recipe, and with Memorial Day and the 4th coming, I would love to try these and add the patriotic colors and maybe a flag instead of a flower. So darn cute, and doesn't sound that hard at all. I love it that you can have so many of the pieces prepped ahead of time. Grammies need that extra help as well.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  12. Love, love, love this. Looks so yummy.