Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Frugal Find: A White Table Runner

For years my Father-in-Law has given me such a hard time for wanting everything in my home to be white. Not only is it such a fresh look, but when you are newly married and you have everybody's furniture that goodwill wouldn't even take, you make do with what you have and make it look beautiful with WHITE PAINT. We painted baskets, flower pots, coffee tables, baby cribs and cradles, chest-of-drawers and SOLID oak cabinets. It all looked so pretty.

Anyhoo, over time, it has become super easy to throw a party on a whim, because everything is white and it just takes a bit of ribbon, colored napkins, flowers and a bit of paper to pull it all together without having to store different styles and colors of partyware.

SOOOOO, this is my very favorite frugal find. I found a white table runner for less than $5.00 and the best thing about it is this: you can customize it to go with every party, special occasion, or just change it out for the seasons if you would like.

Just plug in the glue gun and add ric rac, ball fringe, ribbon or fabric...whatever you like. After you are done, simply peel off the glue or embellishment and you will be ready for the next occasion. EASY PEASY! Another great benefit if you are trying to keep cluttter at bay is that you will have a lot less to store!

I think this table runner is the perfect creative and whimsical party staple!

I keep one just for parties so that if for some reason the glue doesn't come of all the way OR it goes through the wash and dryer with glue {AHEM!} it will just be covered up with the next batch of hot glue and ball fringe.

What do you consider a party staple in your home?

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  1. You and your glue gun. :) Looks GORGEOUS!!!

  2. I love the idea of white. I have red plates which is fine, until Easter. Then I hate them. It would make a lot of sense to have simple white!
    I have a crystal cake plate that was my husbands grandmas that I use for all occasions!
    PS. Peyton arrived overnight weighing a tiny 4lbs 15 oz. : )

  3. How gorgeous! And what a bonus that it was a cheap find!

  4. I LOVE how your profile states that you are a follower of Jesus Christ! That truly defines who you are instead of just saying you are a Christian. People think that if they are an American, they are a Christian!

  5. Thank you all. I can't wait to tell my father-in-law that you all liked the white table runner. :)

    Lori...I wanted that to be first and foremost...because without HIM, there is no way any of us could have any hope and with hope it allows us to live a victorious life despite the ups and downs. So good to know God is in control and He extends His tender mercies day by day!

  6. I think that truly is a fantastic idea! My mind is swirling with how I can do this for my next party...maybe it will be a good excuse to throw one! Thanks for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday this week Lisa!

  7. For the longest time, I found white to be rather boring. However, when I got into the cottage style and saw it more, I liked it more all the time. A white house isn't practical for me (I have indoor dogs, enough said!) I love looking at pictures of other people's white decor now. Thanks for sharing yours with us!