Friday, April 1, 2011

Show-n-Tell {March}

Where oh where has the month of March gone? Oh where oh where can she be? GONE! I never really seem to realize how fast time goes by until certain things are back on the calendar. When you have once-a-month happenings it always dawns on me that "it's already been a month?" moment.

Yesterday was our SHOW-N-TELL. We chose Noodles and Company. Linda got off early from work, so we met up a bit before Julia {my term of endearment for her!} arrived from her food cart, THE NATIVE BOWL. There is never a dull moment. If you remember, last month's meeting was at YUMM CAFE. Anyhoo, we all had the assignment to experiment making the sauce. After a couple of tries, I justified buying the sauce because I LOVE the container it comes in, so that is a buck off the cost to buy the same one at THE CONTAINER STORE right off the bat! Then, the time to make it and quite possibly need to toss it and money to buy the ingredients. I decided it is worth it every penny to just buy the amzing sauce. Linda, the ever-efficient one, the one who takes her newspaper and all of Portlandia happenings very seriously {not kidding....she even called and left a message for the paper in regards to a matter she felt needed to be addressed} saved the newsapaper with a recipe for the YUMM SAUCE! She didn't mention it, because she thought we may have caught it and would have e-mailed her. We laughed so hard! Needless to say, I will be trying this one more time. I will be extremely critical in taste testing, because, although I would love to make it from scratch, I am fine with buying it. That was part of her SHOW-N-TELL. {If you happen to be an English teacher, please stop reading this. I know there are incomplete thoughts, sentences, run on sentences, paragraph problems etc.} Thank YOU!

Linda also brought an album she had already put together from their Spring Break trip to SUNRIVER. It was adorable and detailed. Miss overachiever! She had us drooling over a cupcake hot spot in Bend! can't wait to try it. They went snowshoing for free with a history lesson given by three rangers. She also finds THE DEALS. Anyway, for stressing out over her assignment, she brought great ideas!

Julia is off-the-hook forever because she brought our COOKBOOKS. Her very newest HOT OFF THE PRESS newest cookbook, THE VEGAN DINER. It is available at AMAZON for $12.90. If you buy two you can get free shipping and handling. I hope you go buy one. My hubby is by no means vegan and HE LOVES HER COOKING!!
So, we got our books signed and we were both very happy campers. Julia also filled us in on her new, exciting endeavors and shared favorite brands, tips, gluten free sources etc. etc. We love our ever fun, embarking on new adventures friend!

I have been dying a thousand deaths waiting so patiently to pack my show-n-tell up and show it off. {It is okay. It is allowed. That is what SHOW-N-TELL is for...but only then.} My bestie made me a party in a box. I had the banners up for most of the month of March and I snuck out a few straws, but other than that...I left it intact, so they could be just as excited as I was when I opened it up. THEY LOVED IT! The new mommas sitting next to us...trying to mind their own business, were even drooling! It was fun having them love the talent of Kim and talk so highly of my bestie. Don't you just love complimenting friends and hearing others talk about your friends with such admiration! I DO! It makes you not want to listen to any gossip and certainly not be involved in gossip in any way, shape or form!!!

Back to the box. Her thoughfulness and creativity was so evident. I loved the Gelato cups {I had her save the used ones the last time she met friends for Gelato downtown. What a friend!} The blue and white souffle cups were over the top cute and her re-usable posie cupcake toppers are to-die for! I loved everything, but her card to me and the silhouettes of my children {available on her ETSY shop} were most prized...everything else was the cherry, sprinkles, and a dollop of whipped cream on the very tippy top! Love you, BUNNY!

I love my friends and feel blessed that God has given each one of them to me! They add zest to my life and I am so thankful that Jesus, himself ordained the gift of friendship. They are part of His plan. What joy life is with friends who love you for YOU!


  1. I love that you girls get together and share such great things with one another. I also love that you share it with us so we can join in on the great ideas :) The party in a box is fabulous!

    Have a great weekend ~

  2. Jo...Thank YOU! I am happy that you enjoy the show-n-tells! I'll let the girls know. Have a great new week!