Friday, February 25, 2011

Show-n-Tell {February}

Nothing like going out to lunch when your house is in total if you don't have a care in the world.

For those of you who are just peeking in on my bloggy, two friends and I meet once a month for show-n-tell. Do you remember how fun show-n-tell was in school? I loved it. It makes for great fun and great conversation.

Anyhoo, we take turns planning the where and when. It was my turn to plan, so we met at Cafe Yumm. It is so healthy and good. I would have had them over and would have served the bowl at my house, but going out seemed better since the bathroom mess had crept into the kitchen etc. {I am all for entertaining despite home projects, but I NEEDED out of the pig pen!}

Next week I will show you how to make the original YUMM bowl at home. It works great for entertaining and for PICNICS. We have served it in both situations and it is a family favorite, now!

Here is a rundown of our date:

Julie Hasson: She brought her brand new, HOT off the press vegan cookbook. It will be released this next month and I can NOT wait to get it. I was drooling over every.single. recipe and picture. Even if you love meat, this book could convince you that being vegan is a very good thing!

Linda Shaw: She brought a handmade card for each of our girls who are both in college. She took the school mission statement and printed them up and used the school colors and a large letter on the front with the school emblem. Very thoughtful and creative. Since it was cold and flu season she brought samples of THROAT COAT. It is organic tea that REALLY works. Come to find out, Julie's mom used it all the time back in the day. Good to know.

Lisa Pearson: I got to bring a homemade KLEENEX tissue holder made by my friend Kim's momma. How sweet is that? Also, she made the cutest coffee sleeve. Every time I use it, people will comment and ask me where I got it. I love telling them that my bestie's mom made it for me! I also use it for ice water. It keeps my hands from getting soaking wet!

I would have taken the beautiful primroses, too {my hubby buys them for me every year} and the darling posie that Kim MADE...but they will be talked about next month and I just could NOT wait to show you. And what do you think about the sweet vintage jam boxes? Donna {Kim's momma} found them and gave them to me. She has the BEST eye for all things domesticated. Trust me. Thank you Donna!

Do you ever do show-n-tell with your friends? If you had show-n-tell today, what would you share?

Maybe you are enjoying the short and sweet posts without all the drama and blah.blah.blah, but next week, hopefully I will have a bit more time to write and be a bit more detailed!

Happy Happy Happy Friday!


  1. Too cute...I can see why you and Kim are friends... :)

  2. Love the little one in the hat. too cute.

  3. Thank you Cara, Kara and Donnie!

  4. I'm going to have to get that cookbook. We have several friends who are vegan, and I actually try to make things vegan for us (even though I love my meat and dairy) just for something a little different and to get new recipes to serve our friends when they come over. I've shared several recipes on my blog.

    This sounds so much fun...a show and tell day.

  5. awww, puppy hat! so cute! and i do adore the idea of a friend show & tell - if for no other reason than you actually get together every month! : ) happy weekend, lisa!!

  6. Awwww....your dachshund is adorable in that hat. In addition to my chihuahua Holly, I have 2 dachshunds. Sadly, they are um, pudgy, to put it nicely. Yet they are sweet, so we love them anyway.

    Sounds like you had a great day, and it is so nice that you have such dear friends.

  7. What a fun idea ~ I would SO look forward to this special time with friends.

    Let me know when the cookbook is available. I'd be very interested in purchasing one {or more}

    Someone looks toasty :)