Thursday, February 3, 2011

Custom-Made Cake Stand

Let's chat about cake stands. First off, do you refer to these beauties as a cake stand or a cake plate? Anyhoo, either way, I love them. My mom has a picture of my twinsie and I blowing out our first birthday candles on a cake sitting on the most gorgeous cake stand. It was a wedding gift and she still uses it.

A while back, I was at Home Goods and found mini cake stands on clearance for $4.99 {I think...or $5.99}. What a great gift idea. First off, every birthday girl NEEDS a cake stand and everybody needs a birthday cake or mini cupcake in their very favorite flavor, of course!

So, after you have made your cake or mini cupcakes {no excuses ladies, TRADER JOE'S sells the best box cake mixes, ever. All you need to do is pour, add, and mix! OH, and BAKE!} you get to embellish away.

*Take your cake stand and GLUE GUN {I use lo temp} a paper birthday plate to the top.

*Place a BIO BOX {CASH AND CARRY} with six mini cupcakes nestled inside with fun paper cups. Tie it up with a thick ribbon and place it on top of your custom-cake stand.

This may be custom-made for any celebration...graduation, new baby, wedding, new job etc. DON'T forget the birthday candles if it is a birthday gift. It will just be the icing on the cake.

Your recipient will have the flair of fun paper goods along with the cake plate that will always remind them of their special occasion!

Cupcakes may be frosted and kept frozen if you want to keep them on hand for a quick grab and go gift. If you don't want to mess with a cake, brownies are a great thing to keep frozen as well.

Happy celebrating and Happy Thursday!


  1. Lisa, another sweet, beautiful, and creative idea -- as always!

  2. aw, so pretty. thanks for sharing!