Thursday, December 30, 2010 Care for Others

Almost every Christmas, I either read or hear of a great Christmas story that I save for the following year. I had one saved from last year for this year...but this year...nothing. Not one single story gave me chills, choked me up a bit or even made me cry in the slightest.

Maybe things got so hectic or maybe I wasn't taking time to really listen or maybe I had been so self-absorbed that nothing seemed to get through my mind long enough to settle in my heart...until...

IT HAPPENED! The PERFECT story. Not a story I read about from long ago or even a current story on the news, but from an older lady on the other end of my phone!

Right before Christmas, our son Caleb and his best friend, Josh {THINK Caleb and Joshua in the Bible...always seeking adventure...if they don't find it, it FINDS them. Trust ME!} left to spend the afternoon "mudding" in Josh's truck. They had our blessing as long as Caleb was back in time for our family dinner at 5!

Five o'clock came and no Caleb. No phone call or anything. Since I am a MAJOR worrier, I felt myself getting anxious. As I was getting the dinner rolls out of the oven, the phone rang. My hubby answered, "yes, this is Caleb's mom's phone. I am Caleb's Dad, can I help you?" EEEEEEKKKKK!!!! I immediately tried to figure out what had happened. As the conversation continued...I realized Caleb and Josh were okay.

A lady had driven off the side of the road and the boys followed behind her to see if they could help. She was completely shaken up and overwhelmed. She was driving from California to her home in Oregon and needed to put chains on. She had no idea how to put them on, so the boys helped her. She had no way of "paying" them and she asked what she could do to thank them. Caleb answered, "Can you please call my mom, she is going to be worried that I am late for dinner!" So that is exactly what she did!

The next day she called me and was so full of gratitude. Not only was she touched that two young boys were willing to help her out, but that they had no gloves on their hands and that they followed her out of the snow and took her chains off and sent her safely on her way.

That, was my favorite Christmas gift this year! The opportunity to hear from a total stranger that my son and his best friend stopped and took the time to care for her. Knowing how to make a decision. Overriding his need to be home on time in order to take care of something way more important!

She had me in tears by the end of our conversation as she quietly spoke words of affirmation in my ear. Here, a teacher from California, was listing different qualities of my son that so many others {including me at times!!!} are quick to oversee. I was blessed. I am blessed to have a son who loves life more than most and who is more than willing to put his comforts aside to help those he may never see again. OH, sweet Caleb...I love you so and am grateful that God made you just the way you are...wild and adventurous at heart and yet uniquely sensitive and compassionate!

Just yesterday, the boys received a package in the mail with two pairs of North Face gloves and a beautiful card that read, "Dear Caleb and Josh, Thank you both for befriending me on my way to Portland. I hope these will keep your hands warm the next time you help an old lady with chains." Gratefully yours, K

Not only is this note going into his memory box, but a copy will be made for me to keep close at hand on "one of those days" when I wonder how exactly I qualified for being a Momma.

May your New year be filled with many opportunities to breathe words of affirmation to those around you; to STOP and to care for others; and above all may you be filled with God's abundant love and GRACE!

Love to each of YOU!


  1. What a sweet, sweet boy you have!! :) I've missed you friend! Hope you had a Merry Christmas! I texted you a couple times but not sure if they came through. We decided to come home early - just got in a few hours ago. Love and miss you!!!

  2. What a wonderful story and you rightly should be proud of the job you're doing raising your son. Definitely those are the kinds of things you want to store in your "memory treasure chest".

  3. well that brought tears to my eyes!!! How wonderful!!

    Several years ago my inlaws managed an "inn" in our small town. My girls would go there often to "help" and were always polite to the guests who came to sign in. On several occasions guests left or mailed "gifts" to my girls because of their kindness that to these guests seemed so rare in young people these days.

    Kudos to you and your hubby for empowering a young man to be amazing and kudos to your son for being an amazing young man.

  4. Isn't it nice for others to see the good in our children? And it always seems that teachers see it more than anyone else. For some reason I tend to focus on what needs to be fixed instead of what is right. A good lesson for us all! Happy New Year!

    Judy :)

  5. Thanks for sharing this! What an encouragement it was to read :) So thankful for you and your family!