Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Most times I write my posts in the evening when my hubby is on his 24 hour shift...but this time, I actually thought ahead of time and asked my Dad to write a blog post for me! I mean for YOU.

It goes without saying that my Dad has had an AMAZING influence on me. This isn't because he is perfect, but because of the way he has allowed God to work in his life.

I have so much to be thankful for, but today, I am thankful for an ever-caring DAD who has demonstrated and shared his love to his family and to those around him in the day-by-day moments of life.

Thank you, DAD for taking EVERY opportunity you have been given to clearly define what it means to be grateful! I love YOU!

Thanksgiving 2010

“Give thanks with a grateful heart”

Grateful: “Definition – 1a. appreciative of benefits received….1b. expressing gratitude; 2a. affording pleasure or contentment…2b pleasing by reason of comfort supplied or discomfort alleviated.

Thank you, Lisa for this opportunity to express some thoughts on the subject of Thanksgiving. Over the past month my attention has been drawn to that side of thanksgiving which is expressed by the word “grateful” or the attitude of gratitude which I believe flows from lives that are characterized by that elusive state of mind: “contentment”.

Have you noticed how our market economy strives in its annual multibillion dollar advertising efforts to raise our level of discontentment in virtually every area of our lives?!
How thankful I’ve been, that in my realm of life, the predominant influences as we approach this holiday season are focusing on gratefulness and gratitude.

In view of the Webster definition above, how are we doing? Are there benefits you’ve received this year, even if they seemed as unwelcomed guests at first, that can allow your Thanksgiving Day to be one in which you and those around you will be enriched as you truly express not just words of “thanks” but that which flows from a heart of contentment?

A most unforgettable Thanksgiving Day for our family took place 34 years ago. Through Lisa’s brother, John, we became friends with a German doctor and his family who lived in our little German village in northern Bavaria, West Germany (About 20 miles from the former walled, fenced and mined East German Border.). John’s best friend in 1st grade was the doctor’s son. As we prepared to have about 40 soldiers and some of their families in our home for the Thanksgiving Dinner, we invited the doctor and his family to join us. What was most memorable was the opportunity for the doctor to have his father in our home. The father had been given a 30 day pass to come out of Potsdam East Germany to visit. The reality of bondage and freedom became very real to all of us. As with all guests, we welcomed him to sign our guest book. He politely expressed his fear of doing this in case he would be interrogated about his activities while visiting in West Germany! We believe for the soldiers present, many who served frequently on border guard duty, that gratefulness for freedoms became more meaningful. The prayer for freedom for the people of Eastern Europe in Cold War Europe would become a more fervent aspect of our lives and prayers.

May God bring to you many past and recent reminders of the benefits received resulting in your Thanksgiving celebrations being overflowing with expressions of heartfelt gratefulness.

Paul Metko

COMING SOON: HOSPITALITY IS... Be thinking about what it means to you. :)



  1. Thanks Paul for sharing that. What a beautiful reminder. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Lisa. We will be spending a quiet one way up north here (ok only 40 miles north of seattle) where we got all the snow and freezing cold temps. We decided not to travel down this year due to the weather. So I am enjoying the day reading your blog and looking at the amazing things you do. I get really motivated and head to my craft table and then get detoured to the couch and fireplace...:) Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving together, Lisa!
    Lots of love : )

  3. Thank you Kathy and laura! We have had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope you have had a fun Thanksgiving weeked as well! Love to both of you.