Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thanksgiving Organization {part one}

These pumpkin scone mixes make a great gift, too: Simply add a cute tag with the instructions. {The containers are from Cash and Carry}

If you provide or take the same thing every year, it is fun to make menu cards that can be saved for year's to come. {Unless you are crafty and get bored!}

Favor boxes are easy to make. Cardstock can be purchased on sale and leftover paper can be punched for the placecard. Simple initials can be stamped in miinutes or printed on the computer with a fun font!
One year at Christmas I hosted a Christmas luncheon. I made the favor boxes and filled them with YORK peppermint patties from the bulk section. Easy Peasy.

Contrary to popular opinion, Thanksgiving will NOT go un-noticed. Sorry, I am just sooo excited for Christmas this year. :)

Now is the time to start making things ahead of time. It is not too soon if you have space in your freezer. If you don't you may be able to ask a neighbor.

If you are hosting Thanksgiving, make a Menu or if you do the same thing every year, try to delegate as much as possible. This will take stress off you and your family and you might just be the kindest, most relaxed hostess ever!

If you are travelling or going to be guests, be sure to find out what you need to bring now, so that you can get what you need. It will take a huge load off your mind. Just knowing you have what you need will allow you to enjoy the coming holidays so much more.

In our family, I am responsible for the same thing every year {AND in 20 years of being married I have never made a TURKEY...YAY! I don't think I could be trusted anyway!} I have saved my menu cards and reuse them every year. I love making the table favors also. It is not needed, but it is something I love to do. A few years ago, my friend Kim and I split the job. I made the truffles and she made the favor boxes. I had made a template...and the computer genius she is made a computerized template that turned out so great. So, if you have a friend to collaborate with...I highly suggest you try it! Even if it is for a dessert, rolls, mashed potatoes whatever! Hey if the guests can blame it on your friend's cooking skills. JUST KIDDING! HOW MEAN_SPIRITED! DO NOT DO THAT!!

I make lots of cornbread and pumpkin scones, so, I have found that it takes just a few minutes more to go ahead and measure out the dry ingredients for several batches and to store it in the freezer. That way if you are running around and need to take something last-minute, you are ready. You will save time and money not giving in to paying premium prices at the grocery store.

Decide on ONE thing that is going to be "your thing". Make extras and stick to it.

The pumpkin scone mixes and cornbread mixes are now stored in the freezer for last minute parties, get-togethers, company etc. They are each labeled with what is still needed to complete the recipe. Even the temp. settings so there is no need to look it up. Even though you may have it memorized, it is easy to make mistakes when you have lots of other things swirling around in your head.

What is one thing you can make ahead of time and freeze? If you are expected to bring "your signature" now is not the time to be changing things up. You will never be forgiven. Trust me. And if nobody else seems to mention it, I can guarantee your children will remind you for the rest of your LIFE...they may even talk about it to their children's children. At least my children will. Laurissa!!! Caleb!!!! LOVE YOU!


  1. I don't quite have a signature dish, but my mom's is her taco dip. It's delicious, and requested at every famly function! : )

  2. My signature dish is my rolls and they do freeze very well. Would you share your pumpkin scone recipe? Pumpkin is our son's favorite holiday flavor!

    Judy :)

  3. I am loving your blog! Just exploring all over. Is there a pattern for your favor triangle box? I'd love to make some for my blog--I'll link back to yours as the source.