Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Night before Thanksgiving: Charlie Brown-Style

{Sorry about the pic...I took it awhile ago before I was planning on using it!}

This is going to be a short, sweet and to-the-point post! No blah, blah,blah, today!

My hubby is a complete Charlie Brown fanatic. All I can say is that it has been a good thing that our children have had him as a Daddy, because while I like culture...he is all about FUN! AND I mean lots and lots of fun. Jammie walks, adventures through Bear Country and the Scarry Forest.

Every Veggie Tale, the Little Rascals and The whole Charlie Brown Collection has been a must for his babes.

I have loved his thoughts on different traditions we could start for our children. He has had the best ideas. Another reason we wives should listen to our hubby's! :)

It always seemed that the evening before Thanksgiving was crazy busy in the kitchen! You know, making final touches before the big day to keep stress at bay on Thanksgiving.

Very seldom did we eat in front of the T.V, but it was nights like this that were "special". I would buy fish sticks and tator tots. Yep, the children are still alive, too! They loved it because I never bought junk food.

Their Daddy would put A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving into the video machine and they would get so excited. Like squirming excited! It gave me just enough time to kinda get things cleaned up and prepped for the next day.

Several years ago, we implemented Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving menu to our traditional fish stick and tater tot menu. WHAT A FUN IDEA! {not mine}

Even though we have one child in college now, I can guarantee our grown children and grandchildren will be coming home for The Night Before Thanksgiving. It is a silly tradition, but the memories and no clean-up make this a definite keeper!

Happy Memory Making!

Buttered' wheat bread allowed. You may get away with potato bread, but you will score BIG points if you buy WONDER BREAD!


Jelly beans...BIG Jelly Belly's allowed, either.


PINK Sherbet with whipped cream and DO NOT forget the cherries for the top! Trust me, your children will notice!

Fish sticks and tator tots

I serve everything in DISPOSABLE paper trays. That way there is no clean up. :)

Your children will think you hung the moon and your hubby will nominate you AGAIN for MOMMA and WIFE of the YEAR! :)


  1. CALL THE AUTHORITIES!!!!!!!!!! Lisa is feeding her family FISH STICKS and TATOR TOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GASP!!!!!!!!!!
    :) Tee Hee!!! Love you, sweet friend!!


  2. Hey, Bunny...At least it isn't McDonalds! Please don't tell me if they are worse than burgers. I'd rather die in denial! XOXO

  3. Oh no no...haven't you heard??? Fish sticks are THE new health food! :) Way better than burgers!! ;) Honestly, I LOVE this tradition and might have to adopt it. The kids SURE have enjoyed the Charlie Brown movies that we borrowed from you and I think they would LOVE this!! :)