Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pat-A-Cake {Quick D.I.Y. Cake}

No need for spendy cakes. I can't think of much else I would rather do than to widdle the morning away making a birthday cake with a little helper...{BTW, Trader Joes has THE.MOST.ADORABLE packaged cake mix boxes that TASTE amazing and the graphics are to.die.for! I think they could sell it to me with pickled pigs feet and I'd still buy it for the box!!}

Here is what you need:

A helper

A cake mix and a few ingredients

Your favorite frosting

Bake Your Cake.

Let it cool.

Wrap it and freeze it. This makes it sooooo easy to frost!

Unwrap the frozen cake and set 1st layer on a serving plate, waxed paper boars, cake plate...

Frost a bit.

Set 2nd layer on top of frosting.

Get a knife or spoon and pat the frosting on the cake in an upward motion, creating little peakes or waves. This takes no skill whatsoever.

Take two lollipop sticks and stick 'em into the cake. Tie twine, ribbon, string or whatever you have {twisties, dental floss :) on one end. Add paper punches of leaves, different shapes, candy corn, Froot Loops etc. Tie to other pole. That is it. Just think. No lines, no ordering, a fun baking day, memory making, and the satisfaction of having saved a bit of money.

Now, I really want to hear from you? Do you bake from scratch or are you okay with buying a box mix? Be honest!!! :) It took me awhile to not hide the box mix under the organic sugar, butter, milk and oats. BUT it saves so much time!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I do both. I'm wondering if my sweet little granddaughter made this with you???

  2. Donna-it was your little sweetie pie! She is so much fun. I love it! I can't wait to see more pictures of your camper. :) Miss you!

  3. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! THank you friend!! I love you so much!!