Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jami's Ginger Juice Concentrate

Last week I was invited to my friend, Jami's Pampered Chef Party. Any excuse to get together, really. She served this punch that was so good! She substituted cranberry juice for whatever other juice was called for {BRILLIANT!} and she skipped the wine and added 7UP to the punch so that there was an option for those who do not consume alcohol. {AGAIN, BRILLIANT!}

If you have been reading this blog long enough, you know how much I love ginger and cranberries. Not just because they are so delicious, but because of all the medicinal benefits as well. YES! They are THAT good for you!

As I was preparing my gourmet dinner for my twinsie last Friday, I began experimenting with the recipe, knowing full well Laur would give me her honest opinion without me even having to ask. That is also another reason everybody needs a twinsie!

After making a couple of different batches, I decided to just make a Ginger Juice Concentrate and offer different combos. SO, here is the basic recipe and the combos are endless!

Jami's Ginger Juice Concentrate:
Tweaked a bit from Jami

1 {11.5 Fluid OZ.} Langers Frozen Cranberry Juice Concentrate
1 piece of fresh ginger about 4 inches long
2 cans San Pellegrino Limonata...I put a bit less so it would fit in my glass bottle. OR 2 cans of 7UP...{I TRY TO AVOID HFCS, SO I PREFER THE LIMONATA}
4 limes, juiced

*Thaw juice;

*Peel outside of ginger and chop into small pieces; {If you have a food chopper...dig it out and use it!}

*Combine juice and ginger in a small saucepan;

*Bring to a boil. Let cool a bit;

*Let sit in fridge overnight...if you have time. If you are not a ginger fan...DO NOT LET IT SIT OVERNIGHT. You wont be happy. You will not like me. You will most likely e-mail me and let me know how horrible it is. :) OR worse... you will not love JAMI...who is the sweetest! :)

*Strain ginger and place juice concentrate in a glass bottle.

*Squeeze juice of 4 limes and add to strained juice.




Fill cup with ice.

Pour 1/2 glass with plain seltzer water. Top off with Ginger Juice Concentrate.

Pour 1/2 glass with orange juice. Top off with Ginger Juice Concentrate.

Pour 1/2 glass with San Pellegrino Limonata {available at Costco}. Top off with Ginger juice Concentrate.

Pour 1/2 glass with Hansen's Natural Soda Mandarin Lime. Top off with Ginger Juice Concentrate.

Pour 1/2 glass with Schloss Biebrich Sekt {sparkling wine}. Top off with Ginger Juice Concentrate.

Enjoy! Thank you, Jami for the fun night and for the most delicious food!

and thank you, Laur for being my {self-appointed} official taste tester!

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