Thursday, September 16, 2010

Organizing Important Documents

This is the time of year, if you aren't organized, that you might start thinking about trying to do exactly that...getting organized. I am by no means an expert on the subject, but I love the end result.

Being organized can really eliminate stress and frustration. There is nothing worse than a child informing you that the school has to have an updated sports physical in two days, or they can't start with their teammates. That means YOU need to have insurance cards, immunization records, doctor's numbers and birth certificates handy for SPORTS. ALL of this on top of Script orders, school picture forms, music lessons etc. can quickly become overwhelming and almost paralizing! {I am NOT exaggerating...ever find yourself sipping on tea, chomping on candy corn, not doing ANYTHING because you don't know where to start?...That is what I mean.} :)

I am NOT a fan of technology. I want to be able to grab and go. I need to have it in my hands without having to scan for passwords and wait for the laptop to boot up.

When my hubby finished his academy, we revamped our "DOCUMENT SYSTEM". Since he became the expert on Emergency Evacuation and Catastophe Preparedness, I listened and we figured it out together!

{You might invest in a larger fireproof box to keep your binder in.}

This is what works for us and it might be helpful for you as well.

One binder is LABELED and categorized like this:


Little Dappled Doggie
Birth...each family member has their own protected in a plastic sleeve protector {STOCK UP! These are available at COSTCO}


Insurance card copies...these are easily misplaced
Immunization documents


Social Security Cards
Frequent Flyer Miles
Budget Document...a complete list of everything along with numbers and Passwords etc.

Life Insurance numbers etc.

Small, zippered binder pockets work great for keeping little cards together without falling out. They can be found in with school supplies!

It is important to be able to go to one spot and grab everything at once in case of emergency. There might NOT be time to be going through files!

Remember to keep this information in a VERY safe spot.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Good idea! We have misplaced an important document and I have been searching all over for it. That's the problem. There shouldn't be so many places. Only one place!