Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chinese Take- Out Made AT Home

{Sorry about the picture, but there was no natural light!}

Are you having late night dinners? Are the kiddies having soccer practice? Maybe you are working late hours? Well, here is a healthier alternative that is simple and nutritious!

We didn't have dinner until 9:00 tonight, but it was worth having it together!

Leftover rice and chicken can be layered in Chinese Take-Out containers for school lunches or for work. Add an apple and some carrot sticks and you will have a quick lunch ready in the morning!

Good night. Sweet dreams.

Orange Juice
Jasmine Rice prepared in the rice cooker
Trader Joe's Orange Chicken
Fresh Green beans from Oma's Garden

That is it!

No MSG and no nasty ingredients! It is nice to have a frozen, quick dinner to keep in the freezer for those nights when life gets hectic and crazy. Rice is usually a staple and I am sure you can dig around in your freezer or beg a neighbor for some fresh garden veggies...or maybe you have a Momma who delivers fresh veggies and beautiful garden flowers!

What is your favorite go-to meal to keep on hand for "those nights"? Is it frozen? Take-out? Mac-n-Cheese? Time to share your ideas!!!

Something fun coming soon!!!! APPLE PICKIN'PICNIC!!! Keep your eyes peeled.

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  1. I usually have an egg variation as a back up- Scrambled eggs, an omlette, egg-in-a hole when things are really bad. I also love the Trader Joe's quick frozen microwave rice. It tastes great and its so easy to cook in 3 minutes.