Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to School=Back to Routine...Monday

As lazy summer days and evenings slowly blend into Autumn, it is a rude awakening that routine is a MUST! So much for flying by the seat of your pants for the past three months.

It seems as though everything that got pushed aside and was left on the "going to do" list is now keeping you awake at night wondering how you got so far behind the 8 ball. Well, I think we are ALL in the same boat!

Shortly after my hubby and I were married, I was working full time and he was working and going to school, so weekends were spent doing laundry, running errands, grocery shopping for the following week etc. It was a complete nightmare! Here we were, spending our "honeymoon year" existing and that was about it. SOOO, one weekend, we decided we were going to sit down with our calendar {we shared one and still do!} and figure out what we could do during the week that would allow us to spend the weekends and the time we had together LIVING LIFE. Doing the things that were important to us. Helping friends, having get-togethers at our home instead of at restaurants, celebrating family birthdays etc. It was a plan that we came up and stuck to for the most part. There are always things that do come up, but we are quick to be able to reign it in.

When your children are coming home with papers to sign, school calendars, school picture forms, volunteer needs at the school etc, it is a good idea to have a plan of attack...unless you are still flying by the seat of your pants and those things don't stress you out...then, maybe you have a blog and I will be your next "follower" not to mention YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!...

Okay, I am totally all over the place...we will talk about that tomorrow.
Back to MONDAY. ALRIGHT. Monday has been my stay-at-home day {there are very few exceptions!!!!} I HATE laundry OH.SO.MUCH, but Monday is the assigned day. Do what you can't stand first, so that you can enjoy the other things like cleaning toilets without having laundry or whatever else you dislike {HATE!!!Sorry, MOM!} stealing your joy. I get things organized for the week, answer e-mails, write letters, clean out the car from weekend field trips, road trips, etc. we all know what our cars look like on Monday mornings. Anyway, I am NOT telling you what to do, but if you can keep Monday to getting the MUNDANE out of the way, I can almost guarantee a better week. OKAY, and if you work, same thing. Spend a bit of time getting the yucky out of the way and just TRY to push yourself...knowing that this next WEEKEND is NOT about laundry and errands. Maybe you could plan an outing or something you have been wanting to do. Knowing your chores are done will allow you to enjoy your family and friends. FRIDAY is coming and MONDAY is on its way!!!! And I CAN guarantee you, your chores will be waiting patiently for MONDAY.

Happy {mundane} Monday to YOU!

I want to hear from YOU! Do you have assigned days or do you fly by the seat of your pants? Do you mind laundry?

Adorable picture by: Frances Heilprin...edited by Lisa Pearson


  1. I don't mind laundry so much (but it's just mine, so that might make a difference?) but for some reason I HATE vacuuming & sweeping the floors?! Once I'm doing it, I like it, but that initial go-to is the hardest to push myself to do. And it's not even a hard job!!! lol

    Also, I'd like to be more organized about it, but am still mostly fly by the seat of my pants.

  2. I fly by the seat of my pants right now and I hate it! I used to be so organized and am struggling so much to get back in a groove. Laundry is no problem for me. My hardest task is bathrooms. I hate them! I hate them! I hate them! I just printed out some organizing lists from the Martha Stewart website and hope they will give me some inspiration to get back in a routine. Keep sending the insights. Sounds like you have it going for you.

  3. I LOVE doing laundry!! Send me yours, you can have my vacuuming and bathroom cleaning in return :)