Thursday, September 9, 2010


SOOO, how is back-to-school week going? Today is clean house day...because this weekend is going to be spent doing some fun things...and it starts this evening with going to cute shops off Alberta and Mississippi Avenue. We are having dinner at our favorite food cart The Native Bowl. Not only are they our sweet friends :} but their food is AMAZING!!! Then to see Laurissa at college!

Here are a few pics from our back-to-school dinner:

I used a small Bio Pak Kraft take-out box and twine from Garnish to make a back-to-school coupon box. It contained coupons to be used during the school year. To mention a few: Maid Service {I KNOW!!!}, A day of grace, Starbucks before school, Skip School, Extended evening curfew, Lunch out with Mommy, Lunch out with Daddy etc. These are like GOLD.

We don't do the whole "back-to-school" shopping, so they get coupons instead. SAVES a lot of money and they love coupons!

For the tag: I sprayed chalkboard paint on a luggage tag and then used chalk for his initial.

Table decor: I took two mini chalkboards and made a sandwich board for the table. Two mini hinges and ribbon keep it together.

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  1. I adore this! and I adore your darling blog-thanks for all the inspiration I'm itching' to get my hands on some chalkboard paint for my boys' always this morning sickness ridden mama is so blessed by your creativity & fun ideas!