Friday, July 23, 2010

Yogurt from the Orchard {semi homemade}

My momma and I met up for peach picking in the orchards on Wednesday morning and had so much fun. {I would have pictures to show you, but I had a blank memory card in the camera!}

I love picking peaches with her because we have so much fun talking and I always leave feeling completely inspired by her old fashioned tips on parenting, housekeeping, loving people and her zest for life is truly contagious.

As soon as we were done picking, we drove to another farm and had a picnic lunch in a gazebo. She packed our lunch and I felt completely spoiled! She made fresh tuna sandwiches, green olives, celery sticks, cheese slices, grapes, berries, and melon with toothpicks...and my favorite...placemats for lapmats. The "ARMY NURSE" thinks of everything.

SOOO, that really has nothing to do with yogurt, but since this is a journal as well, I get to document special memories!

About the yogurt: I love Nancy's Yogurt, because it does NOT have gelatin in it...which I can NOT stand the thought of eating. My children love Tillamook yogurt, but it still has gelatin in it...BUT when we pick berries and peaches from the orchards, I love chopping up fresh fruit and adding it to the PLAIN yogurt and putting it into little straight-sided jars. It is so good and good for you. Even organic yogurts have quite a bit of sugar. I would rather have my sugar in ice cream, cobblers and cookies.

What is one of your favorite things to do with fresh fruit?

Happy Happy Friday!

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  1. Where did you pick your peaches? I want to make a peach cobbler this weekend!

    Thanks for all your great ideas! Will be doing your guest post this next week!

  2. Leigh Anne- I went to Sauvie Island, because it is our TRADITION and they have THE BEST peaches. You can smell them. I pick at GM Farms. You go over the bridge and go straight as opposed to finishing the full loop that takes you back under the bridge to the Pumpkin Patch. You will see a little country store on your left and the farm is just up the road a bit on your right. If you go, just be sure to take your own boxes, because they charge for their boxes. They are $1.00 per lb, but less if you pick 50lbs. Have FUN!

  3. Sounds delicious, although I've just had to stop eating yogurt. For some reason, I started feeling nauseated later. BUT, when I was eating yogurt, I always put BLUEBERRIES into it. Blueberries and walnuts and flaxseed!! YUM.
    Peaches sound so delicious right now!