Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trainers...NOT Babysitters

Okay tired and exhausted Mommas, this is for you today! Here is yet another gentle reminder of why we have the loftiest of jobs. Even though about right now it may NOT feel like it, it IS a priviledge to be able to care for our little ones and train them. We are not babysitters. {No, your job does not end at 5:00!} What we are is trainers...for the long haul. When we are wondering if it is worth it, the answer is "YES, ABSOLUTELY!" When your child is throwing a tantrum, having a tough time in school, maybe dealing with hormones and arguing with is worth it! We are meant to be brought to the ends of ourselves so we can cry out to Him. That is exactly where grace is. We just have to ask. {We certainly don't have a problem asking our children to brush their teeth and our hubbys to pick up a gallon of milk and Advil!}

As our family said goodbye today to a very dear child who is leaving to serve our Country, I could not hold back the tears. As I hugged him one last time before he left, I almost felt like I couldn't let go. I want to protect him and take care of him. Over the past year, our family has listened to this young man's dreams, fears, hopes, and most of all his love for God and the desire he has to do his part in fighting for the freedom he believes in.

As we prayed together last night he requested he be able to stay strong in his faith, and that God would keep him close!

A child does not just "turn out" like this. I am telling you! This child has had amazing parents that have instilled in him what it is to be more concerned about others than himself. They have prayed for him. It has taken more discipline and tears than you can even imagine. Rest assured...we are all benefitting from children like this who have put their dreams and hopes on the line to give us the freedoms we enjoy every morning when we wake up in our cozy homes... YES, even Monday's laundry, dishes from the weekend, cranky kids from camping trips and late-night summer festivities!

I am tired too, but again, I find myself even more ready to face parenting challenges...with a little more patience and with a little more compassion. I know that I wont always be able to tuck my children in and give them kisses at night...but tonight I do. I can write them notes and teach them the importance of loving others unconditionally by modeling it for them. I can have have my bedroom filled with smoke from the fire pit as my son and his friends make S'MORES. I can hold my daughter and wipe her wet, blackened cheeks from mascara and tears. While I have time with my children, I WILL dote on them. I WILL refer to myself as "mommy" and their dad WILL be referred to as "daddy". We WILL ALWAYS say "I LOVE YOU" before bed, first thing in the morning and before ending any conversation on the phone...and lots and lots of times during the day...just because! We will pray whenever, for whoever, and for whatever, because one day it may be our child going out to combat who is going to need to fully trust and depend on their God when we are NOT there. I want them to fully know the power of our God and the comfort only He can bring in dire situations. They need to know He can be trusted with the smallest of concerns {sick pets} to friends with cancer. He will be all they have at some point in their lives and what better time to teach them when they are young.

The soldier at the end {in the last frame} risked his life for someone he did not even know. The man he carried to safety wasn't a friend or a fellow soldier. I want to raise good, strong children who have been loved enough and taken care of enough to where their tanks are so filled to the tippy-top to where it can not help but overflow into the lives of those their lives will one day touch.

David Scott...we love you and are praying for you.


  1. That is a wonderful post. And it is so true that children do not just 'turn out' to be selfless, strong followers of Christ. God bless your friend!

  2. Oh Lisa...this was such a beautiful post. THANK YOU for encouraging me as a young {and at times tired, exhausted, impatient} mother.

    I was beyond blessed reading this. Your children are so blessed to have you as a mother!

    Love, Laura

  3. This was very poignant. Thank you for sharing!

  4. You know how I feel about this! I agree, your kiddos (and hubby, and friends, and family) are SO blessed to have you!!! Love you so much, dear friend.