Thursday, July 15, 2010


I am always making up words. Who knows, maybe this is a word. I think upcycle is. Anyway...

Since I am a stay-at-home mom, I always feel like before I get anything new, it really needs to be justified. Not because my hubby has put me on a strict budget, but because I want to be respectful of how hard he works in order for me to be able to stay home. I want him to know that when he is at work providing for our family, I am not spending our income as quickly as he is earning it. I want him to know I am being as resourceful as possible in helping him be wise in what God has blessed us with.

One way of doing this is by DOWNCYCLING. Passing things from one area in our home to the next, before it is gotten rid of.

TOWELS. One of my biggest pet-peeves. Really! I know, by now you are sure I have issues, which I do, but towels is a major one! I know my mom still has towels given to her as wedding presents {45 years ago!} that they use! I am pretty sure it has something to do with the quality way back when, do you think so, too? Well, I refuse to pay a mortgage payment on good towels, because I would rather replace them every so often.

WHITE TOWELS. It took me the first several years of marriage to switch from the beautiful designer colors to plain.old.white. The fact that the colors faded and the bleach stains that made them look semi tie-dyed finally convinced me to to the switcheroo.

SOOO. This is how I justify nice towels in our home. The white bath towels are downcycled {passed down/recycled} to swim towels/gym towels/hot tub towels. Hand towels become floor towels/car towels/garage towels. Kitchen dish towels are downcycled to picnic/car/dinners-to-go. Dish cloths become rags. It takes quite a while to get to the point of actually getting rid of them which makes me feel like I have totally gotten our money's worth. It is also teaching our children to not just "pitch" things, too. Teaching them to respect the fact that their Daddy is working HARD to provide for our family in the big things and the little things like towels! Maybe that is why my son used a bungie cord for a belt? I didn't say a word. Didn't have to, because his big sister did!

How do you downcycle in your home?

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  1. SO important what you are teaching your kids about respecting their dad and understanding the connection between his hard work and your ability to stay at home. I commend you!

    I do the same thing with towels. Right now I have some dish towels that should be scrub rags, but I really need more dish towels first. :-)

    And, after years and years, I've discovered that I like white sheets best of all. So as they need replacing, I will go with white.