Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MEALS TO GO {Binder Oraganization 101}

What is the first thing you do after you commit to taking a dinner to someone? Do you start to stress and wish you would have never offered? Do you ask a friend to trade dates in hope that the recipient will no longer be in need when it rolls around to your turn? Anyway you look at it, it can be a daunting task, to not only need to fix your family dinner but somebody elses family as well!

All of my recipes are in binders. I started off with one and now, I pretty much have seperate binders for everything. Several are grouped together, but it makes finding recipes a snap.

I think my favorite binder is my MEALS TO GO binder. It has made taking meals to people so easy...and might I add...FUN! I am not even kidding! Taking the guess work out of what to prepare and take allows me to make quick decisions and spend a little extra time embellishing it. This is pretty much my hobby. It is a great way to pamper people and I no longer feel like I am just doing crafts "to do" crafts, but it allows me to be a little creative while being able to bless those who are in need!

Here is what works for me, but I would love to hear what works for you. Others ideas are always welcome and appreciated!!! I think we all enjoy hearing how other people do things!


Label your binder

The first page has the list of meals I choose from...if your recepient loves something in particular that you are aware of it makes it even easier to decide!
Keep this list simple and doable. If it is a chicken from Costco, a loaf of bread, bag-o-salad and lemonade, write it down. If it is a box of cereal, milk and bread write it down. This has to be what works for YOU! If it is having a pizza delivered write the phone number down so that you can call and have it DELIVERED! Are we all on the same page? Onward we go!

Each Meal has a complete list of what I will be taking to make it a "meal"

The next page has the recipes, so I am not spending all my time flippin' through different binders trying to track down what I need to make dinner.

The next page is TOTALLY optional, if you are already feeling overwhelmed, stop reading right about NOW! If you love to craft and embellish...keep reading...I make labels and run them off on the computer so that I can have a little creative outlet with the dinner. I usually only make it fun for celebration purposes for example: New baby, a move etc. Sorry this is taking so long to explain!

The MEALS TO GO is categorized into breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Have you ever thought about taking someone breakfast the evening before? This is AWESOME. You can deliver it in the evening after your evening has "settled" down and it might be a very welcome change for one VERY happy recipient. You should try it!

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