Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Dinner


Orange Cream Italian Sodas
Summer Sourdough...I let it raise outside in the sunshine
Tommy's Crab Salad


  1. Hi Thanks for stopping by yesterday! I never thought to put my bread dough outside in the sun to rise! Though living in the NW there's not always that wonderful opportunity!

  2. Okay...I just read a lower post and you are in the PNW too so I guess I have no excuse for not trying rising bread in the sun (C:

  3. love this! love your blog too. I wish i cooked more, but my hubby LOVES To cook and i'm going to pass some of these on to him. great stuff on here. I feel like we eat the same thing over and over every week. Am i the only one? :)

  4. Oh, Yum! And also, I love that glass!